We call it
chunk-based marketing.

The idea is simple. We help you transform your culture, values, mission, and vision into a tangible brand story. We use this transformation to develop ‘core content’ or ‘chunks’ as we like to call them. The chunks are the basis for telling a compelling story. The chunks can be anything, small video snippets, excerpts from white papers, an aspirational visual with a great statement. We help you define the ideal chunks that your organization can use to tell a compelling story. No more boring slides. We’ve designed our method so that everyone within your organization can pick & choose their relevant chunks to build their story.

How the magic works?

It starts by understanding…

…your core values and how they connect to your mission, vision and company culture.

We throw storytelling…

…into the mix. Transforming corporate strategies into tangible and emotional brand stories. The way to more engaging stories for people to connect to your brand.

Transforming your…

…corporate pitch. Creating Marketing Chunks. Different pieces you can use to tell the story. Giving people their own power to make their sales talk as inspiring as possible, in their own way.


Tell your corporate story

Create more heartfelt stories for the B2B landscape by using different high-quality content chunks that carries your brand story.

Create more engagement

Empower sales staff and beyond by giving them their own tools to write their own story closely linked to your brand. Making it more heartfelt and honest.

More possibilities, more tailored stories

Better storytelling and brand building by creating and integrating different chunks from pictures to movies. Anything is possible where professionals can make it truly their own.

Contact us

Curious to what we can do for your corporate brand story? How we can throw imagination and storytelling into the mix. Empowering everybody in your company to tell your great story?

Feel free to drop us an e-mail or give us a call. We're more than happy to talk it over with a nice cup of coffee!