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Agrosavfe was relaunching as Biotalys. How do you bring a bio-tech company onto the market? And let everyone know what they're about? Talking about food seems simple - but doing it well is a different matter.


Develop a brand story that not only talks about who Biotalys is but also the need for food safety - in an approachable and undertandable way. With a new logo, visuals, imagery and design elements.

Imagination around
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Working from Biotaly's shortlist of names, we helped select the new name and then developed and visualized the whole brand package for them. We combined the visualisation of food (ingredients) with a filter to demonstrate safety and quality control. From logo through website, so that they could enter the market looking and communicating like a qualified player.

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Renaming, rebranding and relaunch Visual Identity Website (design & development) Brand Story and Brand Materials Visual Guidelines
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biotalys key visuals using nuts, onions and graphics

“NJ helped us manage the project of the complete rebranding from A to Z , the new messaging, elevator pitch and positioning exceeded all expectations. The creative team did a fantastic job creating the look & feel of the logo, website and all our marcom materials.”


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“This is one of those projects where everything fell into place. A clean, fretsh, creative design and storytelling resulted in some impressive work. Keeping it scientific yet creative.”

Norvell Jefferson

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