Claim a position for Philips in the LED display market with a powerful statement and visual language. Captivating custom creations - with the true LED Professional Display solutions of Professional Display Solutions we have removed any boundaries in professional displays.


The Philips LED panel proposition offers creative solutions in every shape and size. We needed to highlight the impact of endless creativity with an approach that creates a powerful message for Philips LED whilst explaining the benefits and inspires creativity.

Imagination around your needs

Our starting point was to avoid the cliché video walls that could be created with the LED panels. We thought, what if you could have endless creativity with the LED panels? This essence was transformed into a multidimensional cube, which was the starting point for their customers. Let their imaginations run wild and provoke them into contemplating the truly creative use of LED panels.

Anything is possible. Combining LED panels in ways that create an image that inspires, groundbreaking and visually appealing. The screens that we use are going to be filled with different content. Showing that the ‘creative shapes’ are made from those panels.

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“We were so happy that MMD chose the route less traveled. By choosing the cube of imagination we could tell a differentiating story in which we would trigger their customers to start imagining creations that would be much extraordinary. And that called for an extraordinary visualization.”