After the first big wave - when the realization of what just hit us set in - we were approached by our partner Health House to see if we wanted to join them in creating a learning experience around this pandemic. With the aim to further educate and inspire people to understand and learn about this pandemic, and how to possible prevent a new one.


In the current landscape, we see that everyone is trying to cope and understand the pandemic. But it’s based only of parts of the whole story. Single-sided and narrow news reporting and polarizing discussions aren’t helping us to truly understand this new reality. That’s why our advise was to not only explain covid and the pandemic, but use it as a platform to paint a much bigger picture.

Imagination around your needs

We transformed the initial idea so that the new Health House experience covers much more then only the pandemic. After all, when we understand the full picture, it will help us to put it into perspective. And so our journey began, researching all in’s and out’s, from the ways of mother nature, to first warning signs, to understanding how viruses work. Then, creating a ‘museum’-worthy exhibition that can turn a complex story into an interactive experience.

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“We were extremely happy that Norvell Jefferson joined the collaboration as a partner in this project. Transforming complex topics and content by creating an understandable story narrative and a strong compelling visual language is in the DNA of Norvell Jefferson.”

Health House

“Our ambition was clear from the start: create an objective and scientifically validated experience on a broader scale of topics in a refreshing way that appeals to a broader audience. Ultimately providing the reader with more perspective to gain positive insights on our new reality.”

To launch the Planet Virus experience, we’ve created a panel discussion format in which we invite different specialists and key opinion leaders to partake in a discussion that goes beyond the current affairs in the news. All with the aim to provoke new insights to build understanding and lead to a positive mindset that will help keep a grip on our lives through the pandemic.

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