Inflammatory Bowel Diseases influences lives of patients tremendously. Separate from the physical aspect it also affects patients mentally. The taboos and misunderstanding of the people surrounding them. So how can we put IBD, patients and their lives on the digital map that contributes to their patient journey?


It becomes clear when you look for more information on IBD on internet, there is a strong functional focus to the disease where patient empowerment is lacking. Where we see a big ‘google forest’ that explains the disease – and the symptoms. But how do you live with such a disease. Or how does it affect relatives? How do we turn functional into emotional and build the stronger bond between the people affected by IBD.

Imagination around your needs

The reason Norvell Jefferson was awarded the project, was the original take of putting the lives of IBD patients first. To shift the focus from the disease to how their everyday life looks. Tips, tricks, and inspiration that helps people connect in a more positive way with IBD. Making it more uplifting, happy, and personal. Even flirting with the idea of creating a patient-influencer. Showing there is much more than the belly of patients.

We transformed the project through authentic storytelling and helped Takeda write a more personal story. To create a stronger engagement with their target audience. A fresh rebrand and logo design helped us design and create the portal where stories are shared, and lives being connected.

Concept creation Brand identity design Copywriting Website design Film production Social strategy & deployment
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“It was refreshing to see that Norvell Jefferson was able to show us the way off the beaten path. To come up with ideas that inspires and help pushing the creative quality of our campaign”

“We were pleasantly surprised when we received the go-ahead for our more ‘disruptive’ approach. A bold decision that enabled us to push the boundaries of what the Takeda brand was used too. A pleasant creative challenge!”