How do you improve something, that’s already quite good? When the Cargill’s chocolate gourmet brand Veliche approached us with the question of a rebrand project, we immediately saw the challenge that Veliche was already established quite well in the market. A brand image that was acceptable, yet not close to the core where the Veliche brand team wanted to be.


One thing was very clear from the start. Although it looked very professional, it was very product oriented. The emotional part and connection to their target audience seemed to be missing or could be more prominently used in their brand communications. It’s one of the core exercises Norvell Jefferson performs, to go beyond the surface and dive into the brand essence – the why – of a product or brand. It’s that authentic storytelling that transforms brands from good to great!

Imagination around your needs

In the world of gourmet chocolate – results are king. Showing what deliciously gourmet recipes can be created with the chocolate Veliche provides. However – being a thought leader – there is more than creating eye catching recipes. There is more to chocolate in the world of a gourmet chef. That’s why we created the ‘chefpreneurs’. A storytelling theme that dictated the rebrand of Veliche. Creating deeper connections by underlining the dual role chefs play being the best chef AND entrepreneur they can be. And Veliche can be their partner in fulfilling both roles to perfection.
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“We were looking for a partner that exactly understood the challenges that we had. We hit it all right from the get-go with a very nice level of energy together with Norvell Jefferson and our team.”

“It was a great challenge to find a creative hook that would transform the Veliche brand. The freedom and co-creation really pushed us in setting the bar higher. Creating a brand that shows the leadership Veliche has in the market.”