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Who we are

Across continents, we aim to challenge, inspire and support our clients with engaging content for the digital social age. Our creatives, directors, film & digital producers, designers, editors, animators and developers are ready and able to share their vision with you, to create your marketing campaigns and to tell your corporate story.

Simply put, we love making great things that work!

How it's done

Allow us to offer some more insights into why we could be your choice as your new creative production partner.

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    Experienced storytellers

    In a crowded, noisy online world, getting people’s attention is the hardest job of all; it’s easy to think this can only be accomplished by shouting louder than the rest. However, a good story, told in the right way, will engage someone much more – and for longer - than the loudest message.

    Human beings have been communicating with each other through storytelling since the dawn of speech, exchanging tales around the campfires. As social creatures, we have a natural interest in good storytelling, whether it’s a story of love, history or heroics - or - whether you are defining a brand, selling a product or making a point. Our people know how to create inspiring and compelling stories throughout our work, to get your message heard.

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    Integrated creative approach

    These days, digital, film and graphic design are no longer separate islands; clients and their creative partners have an infinite range of possibilities they can explore and are limited only by the bounds of their imaginations.

    With Norvell Jefferson, one briefing, to a single point of contact, leads to multiple cross-platform deliverables, which from a client’s perspective, is a much more efficient and cost effective way of working. After all, a good story needs to be told through the channels best suited for it, be it specific and direct, or with a 360 degrees approach.

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    Servicing cross-continental clients

    The world today fits in the palm of our hands; we are global citizens – netizens – able to watch over whole continents and cultures. Our core teams of project managers and creatives - based in our offices in Amsterdam, Antwerp, Boston and London - service multiple international clients across the globe. Whenever the hour, somewhere in the world, there is always a Norvell Jefferson project manager hard at work.

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    In-house production knowledge and Creative Cloud

    With Norvell Jefferson, you work directly with the creative team, giving you a lot more production value and saving you a lot of money. Our project teams can directly access our in-house film and digital production expertise and services. Any design, development or production resource is available in-house and is easily scalable via our global creative cloud network with Norvell Jefferson certified top-notch talent.

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    Content Seeding Services

    Together with our global seeding partner, we offer our clients seeding, targeting and measurement services. We utilize YouTube, Facebook, Google, Twitter and a range of hand-selected influential blogs and ambassadors to elevate your campaign above the noise and clutter in the social media landscape.

    This is more than simply generating views, likes or shares; thanks to unique behavioral targeting technology, we can find the right people to engage in content, relevant for the brands or campaigns we develop.

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    Film and digital Research & Development

    Challenging times offer opportunities; continuous uncertainty and change require us to find creative approaches. Our R&D departments are constantly investing in innovation and developing smart marketing and communication idea’s or innovative new communication techniques. The road ahead may be perilous and uncertain, but that makes it all the more exciting!

  1. Creamer 2.0 Campaign

    Integrated +

  2. A new website for J&J Innovation

    Digital +

  3. DI60 Dordrecht

    Film +

  4. The story of TMC 435

    Film +

  5. Sensualité

    Film +

  6. Point Of Care Testing

    Film +

  7. Sysmex XN app

    Digital +

  8. DSM Delvotest whiteboard animation

    Film +

  9. Maxilact Photography

    Graphical +

  10. Protein Therapy

    Integrated +

    Global awardwinner for best computer generated images

  11. Fine Baking

    Integrated +

  12. Fruit Processing

    Integrated +

  13. G.G. Zorg

    Integrated +

  14. Missing Minny

    Film +

    Gold medal for cinematography and silver in the shortfilm category.

  15. From Molecule to Medicine

    Film +

    Double gold medal winner for best health and medical issues and healthcare professional education

  16. Baranni

    Film +

    Gold medal for best cinematography and original music

  17. History of Cheese

    Film +

  18. Delvo test

    Film +

  19. Amex Gold

    Film +

  20. Global M&M Agency Network

    Film +

  21. XAS27

    Film +

  22. Story of DFS

    Film +

  23. Flexplace

    Film +

  24. Savory

    Digital +

  25. Novy

    Digital +

  26. Villa Pinedo community page

    Digital +

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Some of our wonderful clients

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FrieslandCampina Kievit Creamers

A sample box and cups we've made for FrieslandCampina Kievit Creamers' campaign...

Sysmex @IFCC Worldlab

Engaging a large audience at a booth requires a strong message and an (interactive) experience. Together with Norvell Jefferson, Sysmex developed appealing materials for their booth at the annual IFCC WorldLab in Istanbul.

Check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yt0ew55XyhM

eMagazine case clip

Norvell Jefferson creates lot's of unique eMagazines for clients; digital, stylish mobile brochures and presentations with interactive tools, product comparisons, rich content... Check out our new eMagazine showreel.

Check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I49I4v73uLo

6K Footage

Our editor Wim doing some tests with 6k footage (over 9x more pixels than HD), shot with a Red Dragon camera. The hardware is struggling to keep up...

Philips Air Purifiers

For Philips we've created the Air Purifiers and humidifier category page, highlighting the product range. It's a fairly simple, 'airy' page, which let's the consumer asks himself "Do I know what I'm breathing?".

Check it out: http://www.philips.com.sg/c/air-purifier/20277/cat/

Philips Ambilight

For Philips we've developed the Ambilightplayer, an interactive tool to showcase Philips TV's unique immersive light feature.

Users can swipe between TV's, choose a clip, a background wall and play around with the Ambilight.

Check it out: http://www.ambilightplayer.philips.com/

Kayaking down the Lesse

Last week our Belgian department went kayaking in the Ardennes. Lot's of sun, water, great food (wieners!) and no stress; fun was had by all.

Britax, a new client

We welcome a new client to the Norvell Jefferson family, Britax.

Since the past 40 years, Britax (Römer, Safe-n-Sound, Bob...) has been a leader in child safety, from children’s car seats and baby carriers to children’s bicycle seats and prams. Today, Britax is a globally operating company with a total of nine facilities in every part of the world.

Welcome aboard!

Natural Products Expo East in Baltimore

The Norvell Jefferson US team (really excited when they're allowed outside) visiting the Natural Products Expo East in Baltimore.

Check it out: http://goo.gl/Ydx5oy

Philips' Clinical Review monitors

Check out this responsive website we designed and build for Philips' Clinical Review monitors (monitors specialized for medical usage).

Check it out: http://www.clinicalreviewdisplays.philips.com/

Philips IFA 2013 BOOTH

Check out Philips' digital newsroom for IFA 2013 (starts tomorrow). Always interesting to see what new innovations Philips and the rest of the industry will bring forward.

This year perhaps the first real push of 4k TVs?

Check it out: http://www.ifa.philips.com/

Sysmex, a new client

We welcome a new client to the Norvell Jefferson family, Sysmex.

For over 40 years, Sysmex has actively set new standards and driven innovation in haematology, among other areas. They are now among Europe's top laboratory diagnostics and healthcare companies, and the global leader for haematology diagnostics and service.

Welcome aboard!

NJ Poland shoot

Norvell Jefferson crew lighting the scene to film for Philips Lighting in Poland.

Check it out: http://goo.gl/W5RHmc


Norvell Jefferson designed and built the Ambilight+hue demonstrator; an HTML5 application that showcases the crossover of Philips' Ambilight with their wireless lighting system 'hue' (http://www.meethue.com/).

With Ambilight+hue, you can completely submerge your livingroom in ambient light, that follows the action and colors on your TV.

Users can play around with light intensity, immersion... The application works fast, lean, crossbrowser and on multiple devices, and uses real-time Canvas masking.

Check it out: http://www.philips.co.uk/c/televisions/33092/cat/#/hue


Friday afternoon, time for a little Desk Safari.

Have a great weekend!

Check it out: http://goo.gl/ps84fh

Philips TV

Norvell Jefferson has designed and developed the new website for Philips TV.

It was certainly an exciting project, which ticked a lot of boxes; HTML5, responsive design, tablet optimized as well as compatible with most (if not all) screen resolutions, scrolling website and navigation, interactive experience...

Philips TVs are high-end, sophisticated and stylish and they wanted a website that reflected this. The site was also already nominated on awwwards.com.

Check it out: http://www.philips.co.uk/tv

Norvell Jefferson teambuilding day

Last friday, Norvell Jefferson had a team-building day with our Belgian, Holland and US offices, with some good old fashioned bowling, Japanese food and a night on the town. There were strikes, spares, slips and slides, laughs and conversations and a lot of team was built.

Always good to have a stress-free and fun day with the people you work with on a daily basis.

Check it out: http://goo.gl/7EmvI

DSM Corporate TV

One of our Creative Directors, Jurriaan, is currently filming in Shanghai for DSM's corporate TV, with a small but efficient crew. It's his first time visiting the largest city in the world, so he's having a blast...

Check it out: http://goo.gl/eLXyw

DSM Photoshoot

Photoshoot today for DSM, getting up-close-and-personal with a soy bean...

Check it out: http://goo.gl/u38xA

Philips DesignLine

What happens when your design philosophy defies the conventions of traditional television? Each year, Philips designs a new, revolutionary TV in the DesignLine series.

Norvell Jefferson designed the website of this unique and innovative TV concept.

Check it out: http://goo.gl/B8E8O

Digital reel 2013

Check out this reel of some of our best digital work in 2012; a compilation of webdesign, front-end and app development, programming, graphical work...

Check it out: http://goo.gl/peIra

ISE 2013, Amsterdam

Norvell Jefferson productions at Philips Signage booth

Check it out: http://goo.gl/BfVOB

Villa Pinedo website

Norvell Jefferson's Sebas werd vanochtend geinterviewd door Tatum Dagelet in het Hilton Amsterdam over onze belangeloze bijdrage aan de nieuwe website van Villa Pinedo.

Check it out: http://goo.gl/crv08

Looking for editors

Our Post-production department in Belgium is looking for a Freelance Final Cut pro editor.

Check it out: http://on.fb.me/WhXzKh

HTML5 vs. Apps

Interesting article (for us geeks anyway) on HTML5 vs native apps. HTML5 is cheaper and easier to distribute, there's no need to confirm to (for instance) Apple's rules but native apps are more advanced and have better monetization options... the development world seems polarized.

Check it out: http://read.bi/12mCKdQ

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