Making Better Happen

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Better works
both ways

Better for business

When you’re a customer in the Chocolate & Confectionery Fats business seeking to 'go sustainable' without compromising on high quality products and performance, AAK wants to be your go-to partner. Outperforming the competition by making better happen in any direction. It’s our challenge is to get that claim across.

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Responsible consumption calls for more sustainable production

All that’s good here is good there.

Sustainability is a global need. Customers are looking for a trusted leader to guide them on their journey. AAK works closely with customers to match solutions to the needs of customers and their consumers. AAK’s core philosophy of ‘Making better happen’ fuels a relentless drive that benefits the quality of customer products and services and advances sustainable production. To make sure customers can create products with impact, that can live up to today’s consumer demand and expectations.

The same mentality that drives AAK every day, has the power to improve all aspects of the business. What’s good for customers is good for the entire supply chain and the world around.

Better works both ways

AAK does not compromise on quality or performance. So, as a customer, you don’t choose between what’s good for you and what’s good for the world. You don’t have to! You can now have better tasting, performing solutions that cost less AND meet the highest consumer demands for sustainable production and responsible consumption.

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Connecting worlds

Whether by visually connecting different images through centered objects that match in size, shape and appearance, or verbally in different messaging frameworks – we bring worlds together and demonstrate how we impact both.

Art direction
Graphic design
Print assets
Social assets
Brand positioning guidelines

Setting AAK up to make better work

This concept offers a solid fundament to build upon the communication towards different target markets. Next to the visual assets and messaging frameworks, we created hands-on guidelines to help implement all existing sales materials and future communication assets.

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Our imagination at work

By simplifying a complex and diffuse message into an inspiring and actionable brand claim, we appeal to both internal and external target audiences. Emphasizing AAK’s continuous quest to make better happen, that will ultimately benefit all.

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“People really capture the visual style, the way we underline the value we bring to our customers, and the duality of our impact.”

- Maria Brandt, Global Business Development Manager – AAK Chocolate & Confectionery Fats