Authenticity drives

stronger brands


Human emotions play a central role in decision-making, whether consciously or
sub-consciously. It is why stronger brands go beyond facts and figures and influence people on an emotional level.

We expose authenticity through purpose-based thinking. Building unique brand stories that creates a stronger emotional connection.



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How to build a strong brand?



Purpose is the heart and soul of the company. Whereas the vision defines the place you want the company to end-up in the coming years, purpose is at a deeper level.

If, because of unforeseen circumstances the long-term view has become unrealistic and obsolete the purpose of the company will stil inspire the team and can be used to find a new direction.

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Finding your Purpose

Norvell Jefferson has facilitated companies successfully in the process of deciphering their Purpose. Using the Golden Circle model (ref. Simon Sinek), we help define the WHY, HOW and WHAT of a company.

We conduct in- depth stakeholder interviews and organize workshops to let teams search and find the deep motivation that drives everyone every day, to give it their all.

If the outcome of the latest exercise leaves questions un-answered, we can organize a mini WHY, HOW, WHAT exercise to involve, energize, and align leadership around the Purpose of the company. Being united in a trusting foundation is a must.

The Golden Circle



Values are typically not invented, made up, or chosen. Values are recognized as they have been the invisible rudder while the company was growing over time. Usually, one can only connect the dots looking backward (Source: Steve Jobs) – and the same counts for Values.

The current Values can be identified by analyzing the typical behavioral trades of leaders that shaped the company.

Values can change over time. People in the company can gravitate towards ‘aspired values’. These Values can help define a new need or opportunity to let the company and its
teams grow further.

Values are, to that extend, not set in stone. We treat them with respect, they will not change overnight; we embed them in our organizational procedures to provide structure and guidance... we use them to inspire our stories to be told.


"Usually, one can only connect the dots looking backward"

Steve Jobs

Expose your true values

Norvell Jefferson is experienced to help organizations capture their Values. We conduct leadership interviews and let leaders share their personal experience and reflect on Values- driven behavior that caused the company to be successful.

We use culture/Values surveys that allow us to involve all employees of the organization and aggregate the personal Values, the current company Values, and the aspired Values. Being certified Barrett Values consultants, we have access to a range of efficient and insightful surveys.


Brand Story

Transforming your purpose and values into a brand story

Once we have assessed, consolidated and finetuned the purpose, values, value proposition and proof points these are used to develop your brand story.
To let your brand stories, resonate with your audience, they need to be authentic. Not made up but inspired by reality. Stories need to be ‘recognizable’ and grounded in reality, but also stretching imagination so they stand out and inspire.

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Designing your brand

Once the essential components of your brand – including its purpose, core values, vision, brand story, target audience, and market positioning – are firmly established, we embark on the journey of crafting a distinct visual identity. This encompasses the creation of a captivating logo, the curation of a thoughtful color palette, the selection of expressive typography, and the harmonious integration of various visual elements – all meticulously aligned to genuinely encapsulate and convey your brand's unique personality.

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Design is the silent ambassador of your brand

Paul Rand

Branding Cases

Decos Technology Group – A B2B branding odyssey

Decos Technology Group starts a transformative rebranding journey, inspired by the Star Wars saga and a 35-year legacy of innovation. This effort aims to unify its diverse branches under a future-focused identity, emphasizing 'Technology for Good'. By engaging key sectors like government, healthcare, and education, Decos enhances its global presence, positioning itself as a clear leader in digital innovation.

Stahl - branding an industry leader

Learn more about Stahl's journey of rebranding, reflecting its evolution from a traditional leather producer to a leader in specialty coatings focused on sustainability. This transformation required a visual identity update to match Stahl's new direction, blending its historical roots with a modern, purpose-driven approach. Through strategic design and thoughtful integration of Stahl's core values, the rebranding effort showcases how innovation and heritage can unite to create a more sustainable and impactful future.

AAK - Expanding their brand story

AAK wanted to show the world their commitment to both customers and the planet. We stepped in and made their vision clear. With smart visuals and to-the-point messaging, we spotlighted AAK’s dual promise: top-quality products and a better world. Our approach not only sharpened AAK's brand image but amplified their dedication to doing good. Explore how we brought AAK's promise to life, creating a ripple effect of benefits for all. 

Aphea.Bio - rebranding for investor outreach

We embarked on a comprehensive rebranding journey with Aphea Bio, starting with a strategic deep-dive. We then refreshed their visual identity, curated brand photography, and overhauled their website. A storytelling video and a compelling pitch deck were also crafted to bolster their investor outreach, effectively showcasing Aphea Bio's innovative approach to agriculture.  

Takeda - redefining IBD patient portal

Collaborating with Takeda, we transformed the IBD narrative to engage a younger audience and foster community connections. Through a fresh brand identity and a unique patient portal launch, to create a patient platform that offers something unique and truly valuable, resonating with authenticity and empowering lives affected by IBD.