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The wisdom of breath and beat

LivaNova Cardiopulmonary - product rebranding


Elevating Perfusion into a New Era

In complex surgical procedures perfusion plays an important role in providing safety and control for the optimal performance. With over 40 years of experience in leading cardiopulmonary technology, LivaNova introduces Essenz Perfusion System. Leading in a new era of Perfusion.

In the OR surgeons, anesthesiologists and perfusionist perform as one
In the OR surgeons, anesthesiologists and perfusionist perform as one.

Strengthening the connection 

In the OR everyone relies on each other to achieve a successful performance. Perfusion is connected to everything that happens during these procedures. Essenz increases the impact of perfusion on (successful) outcomes for patients and their quality of life. 

Essenz Perfusion System changes the role of the perfusionist from being a passive bystander to a critical contributor to optimized patient outcomes. 

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Connected for optimized patient outcomes

In the OR, advanced cardiopulmonary technology and the skilled hand of the perfusionist perform as one. EssenzTM is LivaNova’s next-generation perfusion system that bridges decades of proven performance, an enduring commitment to the safety of the patient, and the data accuracy you demand to bring more clinical wisdom to the OR. 

A solid and stable connection is the backbone for successful cardiopulmonary procedures. Everything that happens is connected to optimized patient outcomes. This idea fuels our creative concept.

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The wisdom of breath and beat

The sequence that is central to the main visual concept materializes the connection between metrics, physical values, hardware technology and data. Essenz uncovers the wisdom that is needed to create the optimal conditions in surgical procedures. A spectacular process that deserves nothing less than a spectacular expression. Unique design celebrating truly revolutionary tech. 

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Sustaining the connection beyond the OR

Whether it’s in print, digital or video, the sequence forms a device to connect the elements that complete Essenz’ product and service offering. Providing all the tools that LivaNova needs to communicate the unique and revolutionary benefits of Essenz, and its relentless drive to create innovative solutions to improve the quality of life for patients and their surroundings. 

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Imagination at work

Essenz contributes to sustaining life through revolutionary technology and the use of advanced patient data. Our process uncovered the true value of the system, the driving force that connects all – inside and outside the OR. Imagination led us to a spectacular expression of the brand story, unparalleled in the industry.

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“It’s particularly satisfiying that the movie can even be watched without a voice-over. That’s how strong the images work together.”