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The beauty of the circular economy

DS Smith - Branding and activation campaign

the Cycle

DS Smith taking the lead to pioneer in circularity

DS Smith presented Norvell Jefferson with a crucial challenge: to develop a branding and activation campaign that not only highlights their leadership and unique capabilities in providing circular packaging solutions but also prepares their customers for a circular economy. This campaign was envisioned to leverage DS Smith's newly launched circularity metrics, a unique differentiator allowing the communication of circularity performance for each packaging solution. The aim was to solidify DS Smith's position as the leading provider of circular packaging solutions, differentiating it from competitors by showcasing its commitment to sustainability, innovation, and the creation of a more sustainable future for packaging.

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Your gateway to the circular economy

Step into a more sustainable future

Challenging times call for a substantial changes in attitude. With desire being a powerful motivator, this campaign aims to make customers WANT to change rather than instructing them that they NEED to change.

As an industry first, the launch of DS Smith’s circular Design Metrics proved to be a unique differentiator. An opportunity to share the circular performance on each packaging solution and a motivator to start doing things differently yourself.

DS Smith helps customers to evolve their packaging by designing out waste and pollution, and keeping valuable materials in use longer and more efficient.

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Let DS Smith be your gateway to the circular economy

The secret to a more sustainable circular economy is to take the first step. To revisit products, or in this case, to revisit packaging from the ground up, and build in cleaner, more responsible production by design. DS Smith can help customers take that first step. As packaging industry leaders, DS Smith can take customers by the hand to guide them along the towards a more sustainable future. Together we embark on a journey to explore the circular economy.

This concept invites target audiences to join DS Smith and start the cycle by taking the first step.

DS Smith - Start the Cycle

The Beauty of Circularity

We created a sustainability manifesto film to salute the beauty of the circular economy. We developed everything from inspirational key visuals, messaging and testimonial videos to 3D animation, social posts, design banners, ads, a comprehensive microsite and sales collateral.

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Social campaign
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Start the Cycle

DS Smith’s Circular Design principles allowed us to develop metrics to rate and compare the environmental performance of packaging designs. We used it too indicate what parts of a customers’ approach is on the right track, and where we can still improve. This gave direction to taking action.

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Our imagination at work

Together with DS Smith we embarked on a journey to explore the power of circularity. DS Smith is constantly innovating and partnering with thought leaders to empower clients. Our imagination embraced the beauty of the circular economy as something that customers crave to explore.

DS Smith - Start the Cycle

“Norvell Jefferson has been able to grasp the beauty of circularity, creating a true motivator to evolve packaging and start working towards a more sustainable circular future.”

– DS Smith