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Mind blowing taste balancing solutions

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Changing the game from good to great

Create awareness for Symrise’s Symlife Natural Taste Balancing Solutions. It offers global food and beverage manufacturers the capability to produce good-for-you products with less sugar, sodium and fat, without compromising on great taste.

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A balancing act of health vs taste.

Extraordinary taste balancing solutions

Consumers like to choose products that are good for them, while savoring the taste they love. Symlife optimizes product’s tastes by combining the best of nature with the best of science. An amazing delicate balancing act.

Combining the best of both worlds with incredible results.

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Mind-blowingly delicious

The way Symlife overcomes taste challenges in good-for-you products thanks to their highly refined Natural Taste Balancing Solutions is genius. It’s natural, tasty, balanced greatness. Unparalleled and ultra-delicious. Mind blowing.

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Finding the right balance was an enjoyable challenge

It actually is mind blowing how science and nature are combined to create the tastes we love. To capture this in the key visual was a delicate balancing act on its own. Just like finding the right shots to support the story to be told in the movie. All made with taste.

Art direction
Brand movie
Key visual
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A great taste of various content flavors

The outstanding key visual we’ve created was made to fit several sizes of online and offline content. To be able to activate the audiences at different times and places. The Symlife brand movie reaches its audience online.

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Imagination at work

We’ve created visually and narratively appealing content to tell the story of Symlife’s innovative Natural Taste Balancing Solutions. Mind-blowingly appealing and on point. Just like Symlife is.

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