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OMRON - AFib awareness campaign

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Faced with the silent progression of AFib, OMRON recognized the need for increased public awareness and understanding. The challenge was to communicate the importance of early detection and consistent monitoring in a way that resonated with a broad audience.

OMRON's request was simple yet profound: create a campaign that could turn the intangible aspects of AFib into something tangible and engaging, leveraging their state-of-the-art monitoring technology as a preventive measure.

OMRON - AFib campaign
OMRON setting the standard with their Blood Pressure Monitor with AFib detection

A strategy in harmony: bringing a heartbeat to life

Our strategic approach was anchored in the belief that music could serve as a powerful bridge between complex medical information and the public's understanding. By meticulously crafting a melody from the heartbeats of an AFib patient, we sought to create an immersive experience that not only raised awareness but also stimulated a deeper emotional and intellectual engagement with the topic of heart health. This strategy was underpinned by the dual goals of educating the audience about AFib and its implications, and positioning OMRON as a pioneer in innovative health monitoring solutions.

This strategy was underpinned by the dual goals of educating the audience about AFib and its implications, and positioning OMRON as a pioneer in innovative health monitoring solutions.

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Tune into the sound of AFib

The creative spark for this campaign was ignited by the idea of turning the silent warning signs of AFib into a language that everyone could understand: music. This innovative concept envisioned taking the irregular heart rhythms characteristic of AFib and translating them into a musical composition, thus giving a voice to a condition that often goes unnoticed until it's too late. This approach was designed to captivate the audience's attention and foster a memorable connection with the cause.


OMRON - AFib campaign - Ideation

Turning the symphony a heart into a reality

In the heart of the campaign, we spotlighted Marie, a real patient from the United States whose experience embodies the silent threat of AFib. Marie's journey began in the shadows of ignorance, suffering from AFib's repercussions simply because she was unaware of its presence. Her narrative was the cornerstone of our creation process, offering a deeply personal look into the consequences of undiagnosed AFib. 

By transforming Marie's heart rhythm into a unique musical composition, we not only showcased the innovative capabilities of OMRON's monitoring technology but also humanised the condition. Her story, interwoven with expert insights and the transformative power of music, became a poignant reminder of the importance of awareness and early detection. Through this creative execution, we aimed to enlighten, inspire, and compel action towards better heart health management.

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Generating a global stage for AFib Awareness

The activation strategy was meticulously planned to ensure the message resonated across various platforms and mediums. From teaser content to the main documentary, each piece was carefully timed to build anticipation and engagement. Educational materials and interactive sessions were designed to deepen understanding and encourage proactive health monitoring, leveraging OMRON's advanced devices. This comprehensive rollout aimed to not just inform, but to inspire action and change.

OMRON - AFib campaign - Social posts

Our imagination at work

The Sound of AFib campaign by OMRON has resonated across the globe, marking an unprecedented success in AFib awareness. With an initial media blitz reaching over 217 million readers and viewers through 361 media postings, the campaign exceeded expectations. 

Notably, over 50% of this coverage came from broadcast media, a testament to our strategic outreach. From major networks in Chicago, Los Angeles, and Cleveland to consumer media outlets and respected news sources like the AP, the campaign's innovative approach has garnered significant attention, positioning it within the top search results for AFib awareness on major platforms.

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“In the rhythm of every heartbeat, there's a story of life. With 'The Sound of AFib,' we turned these rhythms into a chorus of awareness, driving home the message that understanding and monitoring one's heart is the first step towards a healthier tomorrow.”