Making a big difference with an inflatable AED

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Stryker Heartsine AED device

Inflating AED

Learning Life-Saving Skills

With cardiovascular diseases being the leading cause of death, it is increasingly important to raise awareness and provide information on the use of AEDs. 

That's why Stryker reached out to us to create a campaign that inflates the significance of AEDs, capturing people's attention in an impactful way.

Stryker Heartsine AED

Grabbing attention with grandeur

Knowing how to use an AED can save lives, but many people lack confidence in doing so. This underscores the importance of showcasing the life-saving impact an AED can have. With World Restart a Heart Day approaching, we recognized it as the perfect opportunity to capture the public's attention.

Showcasing the Life-Saving Power of AEDs at Museumplein.

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Prime location activated

What better way to capture the public's attention than by placing a 10-meter inflatable AED at Museumplein, one of Amsterdam's most prominent locations? With this centerpiece drawing people in, we offered workshops on how to use an AED.

Stryker Heartsine AED at Museumplein

Enhancing AED usage learning

To amplify the impact of the campaign, we created various assets, including additional video content capturing the activation and a compelling testimonial video.

In response to the campaign's objective of enhancing learning on AED usage, we assisted Stryker by developing promotional materials and informative how-to videos for their home-learning AED kit and newly developed mobile app.

Visual branding strategy
Display (digital) adverts
World Heart Day activation
Activation film
Testimonial films
Product photography

Blowing up online

The large inflatable not only garnered attention in Amsterdam but also blew up on social media. All the created assets were utilized to expand online reach through targeted advertisements.

Stryker AED campaign - Social media posts

Our imagination at work

Sometimes, it's the smallest effort that makes the biggest impact. Taking a little time to understand how an AED works can be the difference between life and loss. We were determined to share this confidence with as many people as possible. So, we decided to inflate the impact.

Stryker Heartsine AED at Museumplein

“We talked about big. But 10 Meters big? Seeing a 10-meter AED at Amsterdam’s Museumplein is truly a difference in creating awareness. It was the eye-catcher you could see a kilometer away!”

- Stryker