True North


The success of a project is defined by a strong foundation. A foundation that is designed to truly meet your objectives. Which starts in making undeniably sure what your specific needs are and how to fulfil them.

"Get to the root cause of the problem first to unlock more original ideas"

Once we’ve uncovered and established your true needs, our imagineers take the plunge. We deep dive and get to know all the ins and outs about your product, service or brand. With a rich toolset of workshops we can acquire additional insights while building more internal commitment on your project.

When we have finished our discovery, we turn it into a strong communication and/or activation strategy with the best results in mind. It comes together in Your True North, the essential conclusion of our strategy that is the starting point for ideation.

Your True North
Our guiding star for the best results.



Revealing your objectives

A thorough assessment of the received briefing. Making sure we are absolutely aligned on the objectives, deliverables and expected results.

Instead of ‘blindly’ following the briefing, we dig deeper, really listen, ask the right questions, and analyse your needs.

If we notice any discrepancy in the deliverables and expected outcome, we align and adjust accordingly.



Revealing essential insights.

Depending on the projects complexity we have a set of tools that will help us turn the complex into the tangible. Getting into the fabric of the projects’ DNA.

Our Discovery tools that will uncover your True North.

Deep dive client materials
Customer journey
Buying Personas

Website, messaging & visual, social presence


Brand purpose & essence
Customer value proposition
Employer value proposition
Brand relevancy
Creating a new experience


Your True North

The strategic starting point to fulfil your objectives.

With our acquired insights from discovery, we start building the communication and/or activation strategy.

With all insights, reflections and conclusions we shape Your True North, the essential conclusion of our strategic advice.

For example, in a rebranding the True North is the revised Brand Essence. For a campaign, it’s an overarching thought while for a new brand category it’s the final customer value proposition.

Some examples of insights that we cover in our True North document:

Market Insights
Target Audiences
Brand Essence
Value Proposition
Customer Journey Mapping
See Think Do Care Activation

With your True North in place, it’s time for ideation.

Time for the magic of imagination.