Our purpose is to support those that make impact

Imagination – the spark behind every significant leap forward. It's the cradle of inventions, innovations, and every creative endeavor. Before any change, there's a vision, an imagined future that defies the status quo. This imagination serves as a beacon leading us to a greener, more harmonious world. Our mission is to amplify this power, assisting companies in harnessing their imaginative potential. We champion their stories, for we firmly believe that imagination, one step at a time, has the power to reshape our world.

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We turn obstacles into opportunities, and inspire meaningful change

In the realm of sustainability communications, conveying the essence of circular or sustainable products can be complex, especially when met with unfamiliarity or resistance. As a dedicated sustainability marketing agency, our "imagineers" pinpoint your unique values and craft a clear sustainability communication strategy. This approach not only simplifies understanding but also lays the groundwork for genuine, impactful change.


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The days of greenwashing are behind us; It the time for authentic storytelling.

When it comes to sustainability marketing, we believe it's vital to uncover the genuine purpose and drive behind your business, emphasizing your commitment to making a difference in the world. Through our imagination, we transform it into authentic sustainability stories and powerful visualizations that evoke the emotion of your audience. This sustainability strategy boosts engagement, catalyzing impactful change.


We believe change

is a beautiful thing


Initiatives for positive change are exponentially rising. It's crucial we ensure these efforts are showcased to inspire others. We're steadfast in our commitment to being a strategic partner for sustainability. Our imagineers stand ready to seize your authentic sustainability story, utilizing vivid visuals to magnify its impact, sparking a ripple of positive change.


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Crafting unique brands, campaigns and experiences that spark action and build lasting connections with your audience.


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Serving sustainable companies for more than 20 years.


Shaping a more
sustainable future

AAK – Crafting a True Goodness Story

AAK isn't just about top-quality shea and Cocoa Butter Equivalents; it's a brand with a heart for genuine sustainability. Together with Norvell Jefferson, we highlighted the people in the Kolo Nafaso supply chain, showing that when you do good, everyone benefits. Our approach not only told AAK's story but truly amplified their impact, making a lasting difference in their sustainability journey. Dive into a tale of care, community, and real change.

Cargill - Cocoa's Sustainability Journey

Explore cocoa's path from farm to chocolate bar. Cargill and Norvell Jefferson unveil the story behind sustainable cocoa, celebrating the farmers at its heart. Dive into a tale where every piece matters, showcasing a united front for a greener tomorrow. Join the story where passion meets purpose. 

Aphea.Bio - rebranding for investor outreach

We embarked on a comprehensive rebranding journey with Aphea Bio, starting with a strategic deep-dive. We then refreshed their visual identity, curated brand photography, and overhauled their website. A storytelling video and a compelling pitch deck were also crafted to bolster their investor outreach, effectively showcasing Aphea Bio's innovative approach to agriculture.  

Biotalys - reinventing food protection

Biotalys aimed to make a mark in the bio-tech industry with a focus on safer food and sustainability. We refined their scientific narrative into a clear brand identity. Through cohesive branding and targeted advertising, Biotalys combined scientific integrity with creative appeal.

Sedna - launching carpets made of ocean ghost nets

The Sedna campaign intertwined storytelling and sustainability, highlighting goddesses saving marine life by collecting ghost nets. Through a documentary-style film, visuals, and a brand narrative, we formed an eco-conscious identity. The concept stemmed from indigenous myths, addressing oceanic waste, creating a unique brand experience beyond traditional marketing.