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Saving sealife

with carpets

Associated Weavers - product launch campaign


Crafting the Future of Sustainable Luxury Interiors

Associated Weavers' (AW) approached us with an ambitious yet well-defined task. They were prepping to introduce a groundbreaking carpet line made of recycled ECONYL® nylon, gathered from oceanic waste. The company aimed to go beyond a mere product launch; they envisioned their new offering as a conduit for raising awareness about marine conservation. With this aim, they solicited our creative expertise to collaboratively develop a compelling narrative and impactful visuals, intending to provide the upcoming brand with a unique identity that resonates with ecological responsibility and marine conservation.


Sedna fishing nets
Ghost fishing nets are the silent killers of our oceans

From nets to rugs: spinning sustainability

Before the ideation phase, we defined our "True North," a strategic focus for the project. Recognizing that our target audience lacked awareness of ocean ghost nets, we concluded that visual storytelling about ECONYL® yarn's origins was crucial. This would help clarify its environmental significance, linking the product to marine conservation. We also realized that educational outreach, both online and in-store, would be key to emphasize the brand's commitment to marine preservation.

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Preserving sealife through brand storytelling

During the ideation phase, we worked closely with AW to craft a compelling narrative. We anchored the storyline on Sedna, the Inuit goddess of the sea, and enriched this core theme with subcharacters inspired by indigenous mythologies from around the globe. The overarching concept portrayed these deity-like figures as champions of marine life, embarking on a journey to collect and eliminate floating ghost nets from the world's oceans. Through this approach, we aimed to establish a brand narrative that touched hearts and minds, going beyond conventional product marketing to send a potent message about the imperative of marine conservation.

Sedna Keyvisual

Craftsmanship magic: giving

life to a truly unique brand story

To realize our vision through brand storytelling, we designed a unique range logo and produced a set of six standout collection images. Captured in Europe's deepest diving pool with real models, these photos aimed for the highest level of authenticity in skin tones and movements. To add a touch of magic, we employed VFX to craft lifelike sea creatures and an immersive underwater setting. Elevating our narrative, we produced a nature documentary-style product launch film, inspired by the storytelling brilliance of David Attenborough. With artistic cohesion in mind, our design team meticulously wove these elements into the point-of-sale and product materials, achieving a compelling and integrated brand experience.

Logo design
Product launch film
Creative ads
Social media ads
Point of purchase display

Crafting a multifaceted brand activation

The activation strategy encompassed a blend of approaches. First, a storytelling launch event engaged retail partners, where marine conservators shared the impactful narrative of ghost fishing nets. In tandem, an online social media launch captured the digital realm's attention, using compelling visuals and resonant messaging to connect with a broader audience. This multifaceted approach effectively linked brand advocacy with marine preservation, delivering a compelling message across different platforms.

Sedna booth

Imagination at work

We harnessed the potency of brand storytelling to carve a unique perspective for our client's product launch. Anchored in purpose, we transcended conventional marketing by resurrecting ancient mythological narratives and intertwining them with the product's value proposition.  Collaborating on sustainable products is a meaningful responsibility and privilege, reflecting our dedication to the planet. As we journey through purpose-driven innovation and sustainability, the joy of introducing impactful products is truly rewarding.

Sedna visual

“This project is a great example of how traditional underwater photography and Computer Graphics perfecly blend into powerful visuals.”

- Norvell Jefferson