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A new sight on breast cancer

InBioMotion sought a transformative approach to their brand, aiming to reflect the groundbreaking nature of the MAFtest in brand storytelling and design. This precision medicine breakthrough offers crucial insights into a patient's MAF gene, revolutionising breast cancer treatment and prognosis. 

Challenged to elevate their brand to parallel this innovation's impact, InBioMotion aimed for an approach that addressed directly to their target audiences. A starting point that challenged us to rebrand Inbiomotion in a human-driven direction that still respects their scientific nature. 

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Realigning vision and value for impact

In developing InBioMotion's True North, a brand workshop was pivotal in discovering their core purpose and narrative hook—'perspectives'. This concept came from collaborative discussions, emphasising the transformative view InBioMotion brings to breast cancer treatment through precision medicine. It's about shifting perspectives from traditional treatment to personalised care, making 'perspectives' the cornerstone of their brand story and visual identity. By anchoring the brand in the idea of changing perspectives, InBioMotion's narrative was crafted to not only showcase innovation but to redefine the narrative around breast cancer treatment, positioning them as visionaries in the field.

InBioMotion redefines breast cancer care, turning innovative perspectives into personalised hope.

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A breakthrough in their own journey: what's in a name?

A significant milestone in this creative journey was the evolution of the brand's presentation from InBioMotion to It represents a key phase in our creative evolution, capturing the essence of turning complex scientific concepts into tangible insights. The segmented name—'in', 'bio', and 'motion'—each holds deep meaning: 'in' highlights the depth of research and innovation; 'bio' focuses on the biological impact of the MAF gene; and 'motion' reflects the ongoing advancements in breast cancer treatment. This name change is more than stylistic; it's a reflection of our core mission and approach.

This new name makes stand out. It shows how they mix smart science with real care to offer treatments made just for you, proving their promise to change medicine for the better, one patient at a time.

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From vision to visuals: 

In the creation phase, we crafted's new logo, drawing inspiration from breast glands to symbolize their battle against breast cancer. The design, featuring pink and a pinpoint element, reflects the MAF Test's precision, underlining the brand's commitment to personalized medicine. Additionally, we redesigned and developed their website, transforming it into a platform that not only introduces the new visual identity but also effectively communicates their innovative approach and mission.

The website's refresh, with its tailored font and color palette, ensures that's pioneering work is presented with simplicity and impact. This strategic overhaul of the website and visual identity positions as leaders in the field, ready to advance the fight against breast cancer with science that is both accessible and inspiring.

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Empowering tools for impactful engagement

In the activation phase, we introduced's new visual identity and equipped them with essential tools for effective communication. We created a versatile PowerPoint template, aligned with their brand style, suitable for investor pitches and sales presentations.

This allows to consistently present their narrative across various platforms, including LinkedIn, enhancing their professional outreach and market position. This strategic support empowers them to confidently advance their mission.

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A next step in breast cancer diagnosis's story is a vivid display of how imagination and innovation can conquer adversity. We revamped their brand identity and narrative, bringing everyone into the fold of a transformative shift in breast cancer care. This shift is what sets apart – envisioning a future where precision medicine not only treats but also instills hope and enhances life quality.

This narrative captures's essence – its forward-thinking vision, the challenges it overcomes, and the innovative solutions that pave the way for a future where breast cancer treatment is as unique as the individuals it helps.

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"In every challenge, we find the seeds of innovation; in every innovation, the promise of a better tomorrow. is leading the way in precision medicine, shining a light on personalized, accurate, and hopeful treatment paths."