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Breathing life into a vision

BD Kiestra - product launch campaign

The future
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Increase traction among your target audience

BD has an extensive portfolio of automated microbiology solutions. They wanted to change their focus from feature-driven movies, to captivate their audience with an emotionally driven message, linked to their brand and mission.

BD Kiestra Total Lab Automation - Human touch
The human touch as a key for success

A shift from functional to emotional

Our strategic approach focused on amplifying the significance of BD's laboratory innovations and their profound impact on patients' lives, highlighting the critical sense of urgency. We consistently linked these innovations to the dedicated technicians and the laboratory, showcasing their pivotal role in managing critical situations. Through an overarching narrative, we aimed to reinforce BD's brand purpose and its commitment to making a meaningful difference.

Taking care of each and every life we touch.

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Switching to a different point of view

We aimed to shift from the traditional perspective to an unconventional one, exploring the convergence of two worlds: the workings within our bodies and the internal mechanisms of BD Kiestra's instruments. Our goal was to craft a narrative that transformed the sense of urgency into a confident assurance that BD could enhance patient care with the finest instruments available.

BD Kiestra Total Lab Automation - Concept visuals

Transforming BD's narrative with emotional storytelling

Through our imaginative approach, we infused emotion into the narrative, diverging from the conventional feature-focused films often seen in the medical device industry. From our conceptual journey, BD recognized the potential of our imagination in advancing their story. We crafted a compelling film that presented their products in an entirely fresh light, embracing authentic storytelling and a heartfelt message. The script skillfully captured the audience's attention, leaving them both intrigued and deeply engaged as they journeyed from product to purpose.

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Turning the physical into the digital

With the postponement of large-scale launch events due to Covid-19, we opted to initiate a digital campaign to reach a wider audience. We developed a microsite and launched a social media campaign featuring teaser trailers and paid advertisements, all aimed at driving maximum traffic to the microsite.

BD Kiestra Total Lab Automation - LinkedIn posts

Our imagination at work

Our readiness to explore an unconventional path that BD was unaccustomed to ultimately paved the way for more emotionally authentic storytelling. This was especially valuable in a COVID-dominated world, bolstering brand awareness and setting a new standard for innovative communication approaches, opening the door to more imaginative ways of engagement.

BD Kiestra Total Lab Automation - Screengrab

“It’s particularly satisfiying that the movie can even be watched without a voice-over. That’s how strong the images work together.”

- BD