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Marketing and communications services tailored to the health, food, and tech industries



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Providing healthcare marketing & communication services, supporting the entire health landscape, spanning from research to prevention, and from diagnostics to treatment




Contributing to the foundation of the global food system, our deep-rooted experience in the realm of food ingredients, nutrients, and the beverage market establishes us as a dedicated food marketing agency




Drawing from over 20 years of expertise in the B2C electronics industry, our focus is shifting to become a dynamic tech marketing agency, dedicated to serving visionary B2B tech companies shaping the world of tomorrow




Cross-industry, as a sustainability marketing agency, we help companies communicate their sustainable vision to market products and services that support a positive change to our world



Using imagination

to touch hearts & minds


Decos Technology Group – A B2B branding odyssey

Decos Technology Group starts a transformative rebranding journey, inspired by the Star Wars saga and a 35-year legacy of innovation. This effort aims to unify its diverse branches under a future-focused identity, emphasizing 'Technology for Good'. By engaging key sectors like government, healthcare, and education, Decos enhances its global presence, positioning itself as a clear leader in digital innovation.

Stahl - branding an industry leader

Learn more about Stahl's journey of rebranding, reflecting its evolution from a traditional leather producer to a leader in specialty coatings focused on sustainability. This transformation required a visual identity update to match Stahl's new direction, blending its historical roots with a modern, purpose-driven approach. Through strategic design and thoughtful integration of Stahl's core values, the rebranding effort showcases how innovation and heritage can unite to create a more sustainable and impactful future.

Sakura SmartConnect – welcome S.A.R.A.

Sakura introduces the SmartConnect "Cobolt" arm, advancing histopathology automation to enhance lab efficiency. Amid pandemic challenges, the campaign introduced S.A.R.A. (Sakura's Autonomous Robotic Assistant) to humanize technology. This strategy balances innovation with personal engagement, preserving the human connection while improving processes. The approach not only showcases the arm's benefits but also positions technology as a supportive ally in healthcare.

AAK - Expanding their brand story

AAK wanted to show the world their commitment to both customers and the planet. We stepped in and made their vision clear. With smart visuals and to-the-point messaging, we spotlighted AAK’s dual promise: top-quality products and a better world. Our approach not only sharpened AAK's brand image but amplified their dedication to doing good. Explore how we brought AAK's promise to life, creating a ripple effect of benefits for all. 

AAK – Crafting a True Goodness Story

AAK isn't just about top-quality shea and Cocoa Butter Equivalents; it's a brand with a heart for genuine sustainability. Together with Norvell Jefferson, we highlighted the people in the Kolo Nafaso supply chain, showing that when you do good, everyone benefits. Our approach not only told AAK's story but truly amplified their impact, making a lasting difference in their sustainability journey. Dive into a tale of care, community, and real change.

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