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Takeda - ADHD disease awareness


A new chapter in patient awareness

Takeda's Neuroscience division in the Netherlands recently hit a fantastic milestone, celebrating 15 years of dedicated work on ADHD. Their ultimate goal? Creating a platform that connects young people with ADHD and those around them effortlessly. They want to be the go-to experts and partners for everyone involved with ADHD. Cool, right?

Takeda - ADHD Je maakt wat mee

A new take on patient portals

When it comes to patient awareness and information, there are almost too many sources, articles, website for people to go through. It’s a true sensory overload. Not that convenient, when your target group is ADHD.

It’s why we wanted to have a new take on a patient portal. To shift our focus from the pitfall of overcommunicating. Towards the essence that will find much better traction among the target group.

Time to tune into how it feels.

Takeda ADHD - True North

Getting inside your head

One big strategic advice that we gave was to start building a portal that will empower patients with ADHD to not only learn more, but more importantly show their surrounding how it feels inside their head.

An experiential scrolling page that highlights what happens in their heads. Building more awareness and acceptance while still providing information.

The concept was simple. Following a storyline in which we get taken in and out of the head of a person with ADHD. Giving a look on how the outside world looks or interacts, and taking it towards the inside. Changing the perspective that builds better understanding.

Takeda ADHD - Ideation moodboard

Expanding one asset after the other

What started as a scrolling experience got bigger and bigger. As there is so much to tell, learn and more importantly feel – we phased the chapters of the experience page and designed it in such a way that we could build at a later stage.

We helped drafting all the stories together with Takeda and their medical specialists which we then started to test among real patients and their environment.

Together with IPSOS we teamed up and made sure that we were on the right track with everything that we were doing.

Research & data
Concept creation
Art direction
Scrolling website experience
Mobile spin-offs
Front-end development
SEO optimalisation
Brand book
Social posts

Getting seen in a crowded world

When the first reactions came in, we knew that we were onto something. With traction on different social channels in the first phase launch.

We continued to trigger with different animations and posts to drive traffic towards the new experience portal and get as many views to drive better awareness on this condition.

We even built a brand book to make sure we can keep communicating consistently in the future. Talking about doing things thoroughly.

Takeda ADHD - Activation on social media

Our imagination at work

It was exciting when Takeda followed our advice to take the route less travelled to build on experience instead of extensive information. It helped us driving a new narrative that is truly a breath of fresh air in an overcrowded digital world.

Takeda - ADHD Je maakt wat mee

It's a special feeling when you see that our ambition on providing an experience truly works among the target groups. And it’s so differentiating.

- Takeda