Philips Citiscape headphone

Discovering cities through the eyes of music

Philips headphones - product launch campaign


Real people, real emotions: Philips' headphone journey

Philips approached us seeking a unique way to promote their new headphone range. They wanted to connect emotionally with their audience by featuring real people who truly represented the essence of the products. This approach aimed to create a relatable campaign that would resonate more deeply with consumers and set their headphones apart in the market.

Philips Citiscape Lifestyle New York
Urban rhythms: exploring the intricate bond between music and city living

Crafting a new urban experience through sound

Embracing the synergy between Philips' headphone innovation and the dynamic rhythm of city life, our strategic approach focuses on showcasing the transformative power of music in urban environments. The approach taps into the desire to disconnect from the urban hustle and immerse oneself in music while on the move. This strategic hook resonates with urbanites seeking authenticity and escapism, positioning Philips as the gateway to unlocking intimate urban soundscapes through high-quality headphones.

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Authentic storytelling with passionate urban Influencers

The envisioned concept revolved around a dynamic collaboration with passionate urban influencers. We aimed to seamlessly integrate Philips headphones into their city experiences, capturing the vibrant fusion of music and urban life. These influencers became storytellers, narrating how Philips headphones transformed their connection to the city's rhythm. To enhance the concept, we melded the authenticity of documentary storytelling with the energetic vibe of a music video. This approach not only resonated with our target audience's desire for genuine urban escapes through music but also created a visually captivating campaign that showcased the transformative power of Philips headphones in city environments.

Philips Citiscape Lifestyle London

Unveiling urban living with authentic storytelling

In the creation phase, we produced engaging product launch films in New York and London, closely following individuals for three days as they experienced urban life with Philips headphones. Merging filming with a documentary crew and urban photographer, we authentically captured city living. Our scope extended to a dedicated microsite design, offering an immersive journey aligned with the urban music theme. We also created diverse marketing materials for a comprehensive campaign, ensuring a resonant and consistent presence. This approach amplified impact, firmly connecting Philips headphones with authentic urban experiences.

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Amplifying City Life in London and New York

We brought the campaign to life on social media by sharing captivating excerpts from our London and New York product launch films. Authentic influencer stories resonated with the urban music theme. User challenges and interactive content fostered community engagement, amplifying reach and reinforcing Philips headphones' connection to urban experiences.

Philips Citiscape Activation

Imagination at work

The inclusion of real individuals and their authentic stories struck the perfect emotional chord. By showcasing genuine experiences and emotions, our campaign resonated deeply with the audience, creating a relatable connection that went beyond mere marketing. This authentic approach captured the essence of urban living and the transformative power of music, effectively evoking genuine emotions and forging a stronger bond between the audience and the brand.

Philips Citiscape Lifestyle London

“The team's ingenious approach, seamlessly blending real-life stories and authentic brand storytelling, created a profound connection that exceeded our expectations. Their commitment to capturing the essence of our brand through genuine narratives truly elevated our campaign.”

- Philips