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Committing to Cocoa Sustainability

Cargill, a global leader in the cocoa industry, sought to intensify their sustainability efforts and communicate this dedication across customer touchpoints. The challenge was to involve customers in the commitment and depict the comprehensive journey towards a more sustainable cocoa sector.

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A strong commitment to strengthen the cocoa supply chain

Embracing Sustainable Progress

Recognising the interwoven tapestry of cocoa production, our starting insight revolved around the symbiotic relationship between growers, suppliers, and consumers. The real growth for the industry comes when all stakeholders, especially farmers, are uplifted and involved in sustainable practices. Norvell Jefferson has pushed the narrative to put then on the foreground. Give meaningful insight to the difference a more sustainable cause could make.

Every stakeholder's growth seeds the industry's future.

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Crafting the Cocoa Narrative

We painted a vivid picture of the cocoa supply chain – from farm to chocolate bar. The narrative encapsulated the essence of partnership and shared growth, uniting all the links to drive forward the sustainability message with a united front. They key starting point was a creative narrative that showed a product, wrapped in a picture of the true ‘producers’ of the product. Creating a compelling sustainability verbal and visual language that stood out and captures the attention of our audience.

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The sustainability story in many forms

We told the chocolate's journey in a clear, engaging way. We started with pictures and a short film focused on the farmers. Our clear messaging made sure our story stayed consistent, no matter where you saw it. We built a user-friendly website with a fun interactive tool, letting users explore more. The infographic broke down the journey in a simple visual. For our sales teams, we made a straightforward sales deck. And, to keep everyone updated, we designed catchy newsletter ads. Everything worked together to share the chocolate story simply and professionally.

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Engaging Every Stakeholder

The campaign was multifaceted, combining rich digital visuals, infographics, and film to target diverse audiences. Newsletters, sales decks, and interactive tools expanded the reach, while tailored adverts made impactful touchpoints.

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Our imagination at work

Our creative endeavour bridged the gap between vision and reality, placing Cargill at the vanguard of cocoa sustainability. Not jumping on the ‘buzzword’ train, but creating a strong story of their commitment in a way that people can get engaged and follow their cause.

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“At Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate, partnering with Norvell Jefferson transformed our story of commitment into an inspiring narrative of shared growth and sustainability.”

– Cargill