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Providing a new perspective

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The evolution
of a dairy brand

Crafting a future narrative

Interfood, after 50 prosperous years in the dairy industry, initiated a transition towards sustainability, impacting People, Planet, Partnership, and Prosperity. They sought to weave this fresh, strategic direction into a compelling narrative that could be consistently conveyed internally and externally, translating their journey and future aspirations into an inspiring and cohesive story.

Interfood - Farmer

The sustainable storytelling journey

Sustainable transformation isn't just a business pivot; it's a storytelling evolution. Recognising that tangible impact takes time, it became evident that Interfood's narrative would require both patience and authenticity. To tell this story, the alignment and involvement of the board and executive committee were paramount. Our starting point was their existing brand essence on which we build a more elaborate creative narrative. Driving a new perspective to open up opportunities and propel the brand of Interfood further into the future.

Authenticity in storytelling shapes the future of sustainable impact.

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Giving a dairy pioneer’s their next chapter

In collaboration with Interfood, we blended their storied past with their forward-thinking aspirations in the dairy sector. By shifting the lens, Interfood evolves from a traditional trader to a transformative solutions provider, offering customers a revitalized perspective on dairy. Our combined narrative not only salutes Interfood’s rich history but also propels its ambitious sustainability goals. It's more than a celebration of past achievements; it's setting the stage for a future where success and sustainability coexist. We've also devised a distinct visual language, enabling Interfood to visually articulate this journey of diverse perspectives, making the story both credible and aspirational.

Interfood - Brand exploration

Interfood: celebrating 50 years and forging the future

Together with Interfood, we crafted a comprehensive brand book that not only celebrated the achievements of the past 50 years but also brightly illuminated the road ahead. This involved developing a new brand narrative and visual identity, translating these into various assets such as a revitalised website, sales materials, stationery, and inspiring videos, as well as initiating a fresh PL brand: Kalla.

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PL brand

A story of sustainable evolution

The new brand, blending our rich heritage with a commitment to the future, was rolled out across various platforms to share our story inside and out. This included launching a fresh website, updating our sales materials, and releasing videos that highlight our achievements over the last 50 years and our dedication to sustainability.

Interfood - Posters

Our imagination at work

At Norvell Jefferson, our imagination was the driving force behind redefining Interfood's story. We delved deep, merging their rich history with a contemporary approach, offering customers fresh insights and true value. This imaginative approach wasn't just about crafting a narrative; it became a cornerstone of Interfood's success. Together, we created a brand style that's both professional and deeply rooted in their tradition.

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"Embedding a sustainable future into our rich history, Norvell Jefferson has masterfully woven a narrative that is both a celebration and a commitment, encapsulating where we’ve been and where we’re determined to go.”

- Interfood