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A B2B branding odyssey

Decos Technology Group - brand strategy and identity

A future-forward 

Unifying vision with global market appeal

Decos is refining its brand for global expansion, focusing on a clearer structure and distinct offerings. The objective is to develop a robust brand architecture and a unified brand story that aligns with Decos' core values while accommodating its sub-brands. This strategy reinforces the brand’s dedication to digital progress across government, education, healthcare, and business, guided by its ‘Technology for Good’ philosophy.

Additionally, we are enhancing Decos' corporate design to better resonate with diverse international markets. This includes establishing comprehensive brand guidelines and redesigning assets to ensure a consistent and recognizable identity across all industry-specific offerings under the Decos umbrella. 

A futuristic building that is the office of Decos
The future forward vision is reflected in the Decos Headquarters in The Netherlands

Decos' journey: pioneering clarity in complexity

In the current digital scale-up era, where complexity stifles progress, Decos can truly be a beacon of clarity for its global customers. During our strategic discovery, we found that the same passion and energy that had started the company decades ago, still transforms digital innovations into concrete solutions for customers today.

A relentless quest for innovative solutions and an inquisitive spirit is the driving force for positive change. It navigates Decos’ customers through the clutter of technology and leads them towards more impactful solutions.

The notion of this drive combined with our shared responsibility to use technological advancement for good, became the starting point for an exciting journey towards a renewed Decos brand.

two screenshots of true north presentation with inspiring phrases with a starry background

Crafting clarity: shaping the concept of simplicity

Decos understands the tangled web of the tech industry. Outdated systems create enormous barriers faced by digital leaders and automation experts. With a clear vision, the company slices through these complexities, providing smart, tailored solutions designed for the real-world challenges.

Decos’ relentless pursuit of what is next inspired us to add perspective in both visual and verbal branding. The letter E in the logo symbolizes a path forward towards a new horizon. It became central in our visual design, as it visually sets different business units apart, while also dictating the us of angulated cut-offs of content frames.

The revamped verbal branding also centers around the perspective Decos creates for its customers. Creating global impact, accelerated by curiosity.

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Rebranding Decos: harmonising innovation and identity

The same ‘positive perspective’ led our creation process. We reimagined Decos’ corporate identity to reflect optimism and empowerment, where every sub-brand's story links with the group's overarching mission of technology for good.

New brand guidelines and a detailed brand book were created to streamline the implementation of the new Decos brand, all around the world. Allowing separate business units to differentiate themselves, tailored to their specific markets, while tapping into the collective story of the umbrella brand.

The redesigned Decos website is central in engaging different target groups in their respective fields. Showcasing how the different parts of the company and their specialized solutions align with customer needs. Streamlining the access and management of information for a globally operating brand.

Brand architecture
Brand identity
Brand story & tagline
Logo design
Web design
Brand guidelines

Passion fuels technology forward

The new brand architecture, renewed corporate identity and its tailored assets provide Decos and its sub brands with the tools to tell the unique story of how passion and curiosity can push innovation and technology forward.

The revamped brand forms the fundament for creating local brand stories and social activation. Brand sessions and webinars engage with specialist Decos customer crowds.

two phones with linkedin and instagram of Decos

Imagination and Decos

Imagination fueled Decos' rebranding journey with a brand narrative that was not just heard but felt, voicing the shared dream of progress. The strategic insight that 'Decos offers a journey towards real impact, accelerated by curiosity' serves as the cornerstone for all visual and verbal branding efforts moving forward.

A meteorite laying on a futuristic panel with a backlight below it

"Guided by relentless curiosity and a commitment to positive change, Decos makes its way through digital complexity, delivering tailored solutions that turn technological promise into societal and environmental progress."