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When you say chocolate, you say emotion

The request was to elevate Veliche, which already had a professional image, into something exceptional by infusing it with much-needed emotion. Emotion was identified as a pivotal element in building enduring connections with the audience, especially in the context of the chocolate industry. The task involved unveiling Veliche's authentic story, a brief that resonated deeply with our team.

Veliche - Gourmet chocolate croissants
Deep diving into Veliche’s DNA for chefs and chocolate lovers.

Delight with every bite

Veliche possesses a unique comprehension of the path, spanning from farmer to chef. It's a journey that ultimately culminates in exploration, ingenuity, and the creation of culinary wonders within the chef's domain.  The love for chocolate brings people together, enriching and empowering lives and stories in the world of chocolate.

Empowering from farmer to chef.

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Empowering to delight

In the world of gourmet chocolate success is measured by the end product. But there is more to chocolate than meets the eye. This is why we introduced the concept of “chefpreneurs”, which became the centerpiece of Veliche’s rebranding. By highlighting the dual role of the chefs as both artisans and entrepreneurs, we aimed to establish a deeper connection with the audience, helping them to excel in both aspects of their profession.

Veliche Gourmet - Chefpreneur

Everything came together deliciously

In addition to shaping their new logo, color palette, and font, we curated a brand manifesto, defined their values, and crafted a compelling value proposition. Alongside these efforts, we organized a captivating photoshoot and produced a compelling film to encapsulate Veliche's essence. We also undertook the design and development of their website and packaging. Witnessing the synergy of these diverse elements within the project was truly fulfilling, highlighting our creative skills and dedication.

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Brand manifesto
Value proposition
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Packaging design

The proof is in the chocolate

The rebranding was successfully applied in all communication assets and is still the blueprint for everything Veliche does. It grows and creates a closer connection with Veliche and its audience every day.

Veliche Gourmet - Social media post

Our imagination at work

Crafting a brand narrative that empowers everyone in the journey, from the farmers to Veliche to the chefs, exceeded all expectations. Both visually and in our messaging, we elevated the Veliche brand to a level that mirrors their support in nurturing the growth of chefpreneurs.

Veliche Gourmet - Photography

“We were looking for a partner that exactly understood the challenges that we had. We hit it all right from the get-go with a very nice level of energy together with Norvell Jefferson and our team.”

- Veliche