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From startup to success: Crafting argenx's brand story

We've partnered with argenx from their early start-up days, scaling alongside them to their staggering $20+ billion success. Six months prior to the FDA's green light for their breakthrough medication, argenx's communications team sought a revamped website to narrate their journey.

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As a company undergoes transformation, it's crucial to ensure your business compass points in the right direction.

Unveiling argenx's remarkable journey

Before delving into crafting argenx's corporate identity and designing their new website, it was evident that we needed to dig deeper to understand the heart of argenx's mission and proposition. It was essential to reframe the argenx narrative in a way that resonated with both internal and external stakeholders. While design is a crucial component, the journey was about more than just aesthetics. We stood alongside argenx, guiding and aiding them in making pivotal decisions about their future, shaping their values, purpose, culture, and overarching brand narrative."

Discovering their core essence, ensuring an authentic brand.

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Unveiling a unique brand with minimalism

As we delved into the branding process for argenx, we aimed to uncover the perfect style and tone for their brand. Emphasizing their strength and distinctiveness, we chose a minimalist visual style, deliberately departing from traditional pharma branding. This choice allowed argenx's unique story and voice to take center stage.

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argenx: A total brand transformation

We redesigned their logo, crafted a new corporate style guide featuring fresh colors and fonts. Furthermore, we encapsulated their revamped brand within a comprehensive brand book to ensure consistent global implementation. Our work extended to a complete website redesign and development using Drupal. We also created a visually striking brand film and developed new corporate pitch decks and brochures.

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Keeping pace with astounding growth

The site was successfully launched and is continuously updated to keep pace with argenx's rapid growth and evolution. We've introduced an employer branding section, tailored a version for the Japanese market, and remain steadfast in supporting argenx during their extraordinary journey of expansion.

argenx - Careers webpage

Our imagination at work

We recognized the need for change and encouraged them to embark on a new path. argenx's brand was due for an update to reflect its current stature. This journey took us to the essence of argenx's spirit, and it's been a true honor to work for a leader in healthcare. We're delighted that the team entrusted us to create something genuinely unique, setting argenx apart from the typical healthcare companies. We're incredibly proud of this branding endeavor and consider it our finest work.

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"The site looks terrific, perfect! Well done!"

- argenx