Meet the SKINS® Family

DSM Resins - rebranding and activation campaign

Two eyes peeking at you from beneath a cloth

Haptic is here to stay!

Let’s get touchy-feely!

DSM Resins is the producer of a line of haptic products, which allow you to apply a coating to your packaging to give it a specific 'feel'. Imagine a silky, velvet or rubbery feel enriching the tactile experience. 

DSM asked Norvell Jefferson to develop a storyline that is relevant enough to justify the relaunch and keeps the product relevant even past the “trendy” period. The creative concept should stand on its own and grab the attention without the need of a new product launch.

Paper texture touch
Time to dive into the world of haptic coatings

The human bond that makes the connection

Having seen the conventional method in which DSM operates, we wanted to voice a different sound. To create a human approach and emotional approach to explain the ‘touch’ we give to a range of solutions.

To literally build character around their product offering. Because people can connect with characters more easily than other kinds of identities and are used to interact with mascots and animated characters in other aspects of their lives.

Turning products into ambassadors.

DSM Skins - Detail

Welcome to the SKINS® Family

The DSM products will be visualised and explained through a varied group of characters linked to different personalities and styles.

Highlighting their attributes that are connected to the haptic feel they can add to a customer’s product.

These characters will interact with different objects (boxes, bottles, etc) which will acquire their texture once they’re in contact. They are the ones that breathe life/fun/luxury into objects.

All our functional benefits are explained through personal characteristics of each figure.

DSM Skins - Keyvisual

A creative platform with character

Together with DSM we went on a creative and inspiring journey, leading to the birth of the 'SKINS® by DSM Family'; a unique (and growing!) family of remarkable characters representing the different feels. Everything is brought to life through custom 3D character design, character profiling and copywriting.

These characters evolved when DSM’s communication needs grew bigger. When product brochures turned into character resumes. A playful yet engaging way of creating content in a conventional world.

Concept development
Creative direction
Communication plan
3D CGI character design & development
Website content, copy & design
Print materials
POS materials

Sometimes you’ve got to do it yourself

The campaign was activated through a wide range of omni-channel communication deliverables. Leveraging social content on LinkedIn and traditional POS and sales collateral. More importantly, DSM has taken their responsibility very seriously to make sure everyone within the organization adopted the new skins family. Having frequent trainings and working together closely with sales they’ve seen a higher adoption rate of all marketing initiatives and more traction among their customers.

DSM Skins - Activation

Our imagination at work

In our campaign for DSM Resins, Norvell Jefferson's imaginative approach breathed new life into the SKINS® family of haptic products. We ventured beyond traditional marketing by creating a family of characters, each embodying the unique tactile experiences DSM offers. This innovative strategy transformed abstract product features into relatable, engaging personalities, making the haptic technology tangible and memorable for consumers. 

Our collaboration with DSM exemplifies how creative thinking and personalized storytelling can revolutionize product communication, turning functional benefits into compelling narratives. This campaign not only reaffirmed DSM's position as an industry innovator but also demonstrated our commitment to pushing the boundaries of imagination to achieve extraordinary results.

DSM Skins - Sandy keyvisual

“We introduced a new way of thinking and approaching our communications creatively. The Skins project was a true game changer for DSM. Norvell Jefferson remained critical and flexible during the full project, resulting in a powerful product launch.”

- DSM Resins