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Touching lives,
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Creating an identity that covers a fundamental shift

As a company, Stahl has undergone a remarkable transformation, from its rich heritage in leather to become a leading producer of specialty coatings with a focus on sustainability.

Time to bring the brand’s visual identity on par with this transformation. How can we bring Stahl’s visual identity in line with its strengthened purpose, without disconnecting it from its rich heritage and recognizable brand image?

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Our starting point for rebranding the corporate image

Balancing Stahl's core essence with its external manifestation


If it can be imagined, it can be created


Stahl goes beyond their products to realize an ongoing commitment to improve everything it touches – from the way Stahl co-creates, produces and delivers products, to the impact on their value chains and – ultimately – the world in which we all live. 

Stahl is continually evolving to meet the needs of their ever-changing markets.

With its rich heritage and experience, Stahl empowers customers on a transformative journey to create more responsible and sustainable products, without compromising on premium quality.

Stahl - True North

The transformative impact of touch

Stahl’s formulations and specialty coatings may not always be visible to the naked eye, yet they possess the unique ability to enhance the sensory and haptic experience of seemingly ordinary products. Transforming them into premium sensations, shaping not only their premium product qualities, but also the world in which they exist. 

When Stahl overlays its unique industry knowledge and vision on the world of their target audiences, something extraordinary happens. 

This revamped corporate identity uncovers Stahl’s magical impact of the unseen.

Stahl - Ideation - Logo mark

Overlapping elements uncover new worlds

We believe Stahl can make a lasting, positive impact beyond its immediate reach. Touching lives to create a better world. 

Central to the new identity are objects and shapes that suggest movement and synergy. Intricate lines, constructed from different line weights, symbolize the transformational qualities of coatings. These visual elements represent Stahl’s ‘touch’ and show how overlaying them can uncover a new (better) world. 

The new logo is at the heart of this redesigned visual identity, revealing the shape of an ‘S’, symbolizing Stahl’s unique, transformative 'touch'. 

A new colour palette was introduced to help visualize and differentiate Stahl’s activities, and its approach to sustainability and other strategic topics. 

The image mark can be used with and without the word mark, for example when applied as a favicon, profile picture or design mark. 

A modular approach to print and digital layouts, based on a solid grid system, strengthens the concept of touching overlays. Rounded corners refer to the circular shape of the worlds Stahl touches.

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A rebranding that will cover the entire world

After fine-tuning Stahl’s visual identity and encapsulating the revamped brand in a comprehensive brand book, the fresh face of Stahl is now making its way into various regions, touching lives worldwide.

Stahl - Social media posts

Our imagination at work

By illustrating how different elements come together to create transformative power, we're harmonizing Stahl's updated corporate identity with their strengthened, purpose-driven focus on making a positive impact. Through a powerful visual language, we're supporting Stahl's mission to enhance the world, one product at a time.

Stahl - Touching lives, for a better world

“Launching our new visual brand identity is an important milestone in our strategic journey. Building on our proud heritage, it offers a visual representation of our vision for the future, capturing our commitment to leading in innovation and sustainability and supporting the changing needs of our customers and markets. […] With our dynamic new look and feel, we can now tell our story in a way that resonates with our stakeholders around the world.”
Maarten Heijbroek, CEO of Stahl

“It was a pleasure to work with your amazing team.”
Laura Willemsen, CMO/CSO at Stahl