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Pfizer - website design

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Revitalizing Pfizer Digital Presence

Pfizer approached us with a clear request: to overhaul their main website tailored to both consumers and practitioners, ensuring it not only echoed their brand's narrative but also solidified their digital footprint. Their objective was to redefine their online identity, making it more engaging and reflective of their leadership in the industry, while also enhancing their overall online visibility and impact.

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Getting the stories more emotional and human driven.

Bringing relevant

stories to patients

In partnership with Pfizer, our strategic focus was clear: we aimed to present impactful and relevant stories to both everyday patients and healthcare professionals. Our shared journey was marked by insightful discoveries and imaginative thinking. These combined efforts led to a refreshed approach, reshaping how healthcare stories are conveyed and received online.

Making the narratives more emotionally resonant and centered around human experiences.

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Revitalizing Pfizer's digital healthcare experience with bold stories and vibrant visuals

We aimed to breathe life into healthcare stories by using engaging videos and carefully selected photos that broke free from the typical pharmaceutical look. Our approach was all about showcasing diversity, incorporating themes from different aspects of society, both medical and non-medical, to make the stories relatable and engaging.

Pfizer patient story

Fresh and relevant

We delivered a complete interactive website, offering a hands-on experience of all animations and dynamic elements, and provided art directions and designs to support their development partner in building the new site.  The newly redesigned Pfizer website maintains a fresh and modern look while staying true to the Pfizer brand. It prioritizes sharing relevant and captivating stories with audiences, accentuated by emotive and human-focused photography.

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Our imagination at work

In this project, our mission was to make a significant difference by crafting a truly distinctive style that harmonized with Pfizer's global guidelines. Our primary emphasis was on authenticity, both visually and in the narrative. As a result, the revamped website radiates a contemporary and inviting aura while staying faithful to Pfizer's brand identity. It places a strong emphasis on delivering stories that are not only relevant but also genuinely engaging, tailored to their specific audiences.

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“With this new design provides valuable and engaging content in an innovative and convenient way. This was one of the smoothest collaborations for such a large and complex technical project, from kick off to the launch!”

-  Pfizer