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Realising genuine corporate responsibility

AAK, a leader in shea and sustainable Cocoa Butter Equivalents for the chocolate and confectionary sector, sought to communicate their genuine commitment to sustainability. The challenge was to develop a sustainability platform that went beyond mere green-washing, truly addressing the consumer's desire for sincere corporate social responsibility.

AAK - Kolo Nafaso

surface-level sustainability

Drawing from our True North at Norvell Jefferson, we understand that genuine sustainability transcends mere statements. It's a blend of strategic storytelling and tangible impacts. With AAK's Kolo Nafaso supply chain as an exemplar, it's clear that thoughtful production not only ensures top-quality shea and cocoa butter but elevates the entire community. This insight serves as our foundational starting point for ideation, ensuring benefits ripple through to customers, the supply chain, and our shared environment.

Genuine goodness resonates beyond mere words. What’s good for customers is good for the entire supply chain and the world around.

AAK - Kolo Nafaso - Ripple effect

Storytelling becomes a ripple effect

Guided by the ethos of 'Making Better Happen', Norvell Jefferson's True North encapsulated AAK's broad-reaching impact through the Kolo Nafaso supply chain narrative. We delved deeper, weaving a concept that visually represented the chain of individuals involved, giving each stakeholder a face. This human-centric approach illuminated the lives touched by AAK's initiatives, emphasizing the genuine difference made at every stage of the value chain.

AAK - Kolo Nafaso - Keyvisual

Crafting tangible visual stories

Stemming from our creative concept, we meticulously developed three key visuals by manipulating existing images. These visuals became the cornerstone of our narrative, vividly illustrating AAK's commitment to sustainability, empowerment, and the broader community benefits. Beyond just telling AAK's story, these visuals were seamlessly integrated into a variety of materials, including a dynamic landing page, an informative infographic, and a versatile presentation tailored for diverse stakeholders. This ensemble not only underscores AAK’s dedication to sustainable shea and cocoa butter production but also its broader positive impact on the communities.

Concept development
Key visuals
Art direction
Graphic design
Sales deck
Landing page

Our imagination at work

At the heart of our strategy was a conviction that true goodness can ripple through every facet of the supply chain and beyond. Norvell Jefferson's distinct touch of imagination, coupled with our skill in visualisation and storytelling, transformed this belief into a compelling narrative. Our unique take on the existing message carved out a distinctive space for the concept, ensuring it resonated and gained traction among the audience.

AAK - Kolo Nafaso - Keyvisual

“Goodness is passed on from one person to the next. What’s good for your suppliers is good for your customers.”

– Anne Brødsgaard, Global Product Manager – AAK Chocolate & Confectionery Fats Business Development & Marketing