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New dimension awareness

AAK - product launch campaign

Akobisc® Go!

GO! for the next best cookie ingredient

Ready for perfectly baked goods every time? The next-generation of oils for the next-generation of biscuits and cookies is here to make that possible. 

Help existing and potential AAK customers to embrace the brand new revolutionary ingredient AkoBisc® GO!

Akobisc cookies
Discovering an incredible new ingredient.

Enter a new cookie era

The ongoing challenge to make better happen takes us on a journey into a new and exciting world. Like water is the base of all life on earth, AkoBisc GO! is the premium base of all cookies and biscuits in this innovative world.

Make industrial bakeries aware of the innovative product.

AAK Akobisc GO! header

Discover planet AkoBisc® GO!

We invited the audience to join AAK on an exciting expedition to planet AkoBisc® GO! to discover a better recipe for biscuits and cookies. Learning all about the structure and performance of the innovative new ingredient which ensures an out of this world delicious taste, snap and crunch.

AAK Akobisc GO! scetches

It was great fun to see a new world arise from our imagination

Looking at all the individual aspects that can be discovered about AkoBisc GO! gave us such a nice content to create this delicious cookie planet. Even the littlest details in the glasses and belt of the scientist were a joy to work on.

Art direction
Key visuals
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Comic roll-up
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Presentation materials

Inviting at every point of contact

The visual content we created gave a lot of possibilities to translate into different media and resources. Creating multiple opportunities of contact. From mailing, social post, landing page to event. Making sure the same look, feel and messaging was communicated on all different channels. Inviting all to discover the new world full of possibilities.

AAK Akobisc GO! mailing

Imagination at work

Shaping a new cookie world created visual impact within the existing market, showcasing AAK has a revolutionary product which takes bakery goods into a whole new dimension. The next level of perfectly baked cookies and biscuits.

AAK Akobisc GO! visual