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Bio-tech that builds a better world

Biotalys - branding

food protection

Make an impact in the bio-tech industry

Agrosavfe is going to market for the first time and is looking to develop a strong story and image to get off on the right foot. The company has been under the radar up to now, working with dedication on a product that they deemed market ready. With the launch coming up the desire is to build on the exposure and have a look and feel that looks professional and communicates the message: safer food, better planet.

Farmer holding grapes
Biotalys' protein-based biocontrols effectively protect crops against plant pests and diseases, while keeping the environment, farmer and consumer safe.

From product

to purpose thinking

It will be important to communicate in a way that is understandable and relevant for all stakeholders and target groups. The way of communicating up to now has been very scientific but we need to simplify and transform this message. Making the benefits and what’s in it for me clear for every group.

When a brand stays true to their core, it’s easier to create a strong following base.

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New ground.

New standard.
Safer food.

Better planet.

Building on Biotalys' initial list of names, our primary task had been to transform these ideas into a compelling brand, anchored by a resonant brand narrative. The ensuing story was: "For those who had been searching for sustainable methods to produce safe, nourishing food, breaking away from traditional practices was crucial. Biotalys, with its advanced bio-tech platform, had redefined the standard chemical practices.

By returning to foundational principles, they had employed innovative protein-based bio controls to address pests and diseases, all while ensuring environmental protection. Their holistic strategy had ensured safety across the entire food life cycle, from farm to the very fork.

Biotalys brand guidelines - Logo guidelines

Transforming Vision into Market-Ready Reality

Building from Biotalys' shortlist of names, we collaborated in finalizing their new identity. We crafted and visualized an all-encompassing brand package. This encompassed designing their logo, sculpting a distinct corporate identity replete with fonts, colors, and evocative visuals, and creating a concise brand animation that embodies their mission. Alongside these branding elements, we designed and developed their website. This comprehensive branding and digital strategy, from logo creation to website development, fortified Biotalys' market introduction, enabling them to communicate as a distinguished and reliable contender in the industry.

Logo design
Brand design
Website design
Website development
Product launch film
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Driving traffic to increase awareness

To align with Biotalys' market introduction, we prioritized making their website easily accessible to all, ensuring seamless user experience. Additionally, recognizing the unique needs of investors during the IPO phase, we integrated a dedicated login feature for them. This strategic approach ensured that both general visitors and potential investors were catered to effectively, facilitating smooth interactions with the brand online.

Biotalys Linkedin advert

Our imagination at work 

This project with Biotalys truly resonated with our team's passion for purpose-driven endeavors. It's one of those rare collaborations where every element seamlessly aligned, leading to a harmonious blend of clean, fresh design and storytelling. We maintained a balance, anchoring creativity with scientific precision. Above all, we genuinely hope our contributions assist Biotalys in their noble mission to revolutionize food protection. Our team thrives on and cherishes such impactful projects that aim to make a difference.

Biotalys rollup poster

“Norvell Jefferson helped us manage the project of the complete rebranding from A to Z , the new messaging, elevator pitch and positioning exceeded all expectations. The creative team did a fantastic job creating the look & feel of the logo, website and all our marcom materials.”

- Biotalys