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Automation with a ♥️

Sakura SmartConnect - product launch campaign



Launching the next step in automatisation

Leading the charge in histopathology innovation, Sakura introduced their latest marvel - the SmartConnect "Cobot" arm. Designed to bridge gaps in automation, it promised to reduce manual labour, allowing pathology labs to dedicate more time to critical tasks.

Sakura's challenge?

Launch this technical marvel in an engaging, relatable manner, especially during the constraints of a pandemic.

Sakura SARA waiting to be revealed

Make technology more human.

In a time driven by A.I. it becomes more vital to show that innovation and technology are not a threat, yet a next step in our process to generate better results.

For us, the objective was clear: maintain a personal touch in an increasingly automated world.

Automating Processes, Not Relationships.

Lab technician together with robot arm

Sakura's Autonomous Robotic Assistant

We believe it was vital to keep a personal touch to avoid the feeling that automation is substituting the people in the lab. To strike a balance between tech and human touch, Norvell Jefferson's creative narrative centered around giving the product a persona: S.A.R.A. This not only teased and intrigued Sakura's audience but also paved the way for a compelling storytelling campaign. By using a personal name, Sakura was able to create a more likeable image, that helped gaining traction right from the beginning.

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Hello world, meet S.A.R.A.

The introduction of S.A.R.A was no ordinary launch. From concept and copywriting, we created an image that resembled the real SmartConnect product of Sakura. By creating interesting angles in 3D, we gave face to S.A.R.A. It converted into an introduction teaser where we revealed her. A product movie was made to substantiate and show 'how it works' together with traditional sales collateral like brochures and sales presentations. Finally, we launched S.A.R.A in a Corona-proof digital launch event. Having the world of pathology get acquinted with a new innovation to empower pathology professionals.

Ensuring that S.A.R.A was more than just a product - she was a virtual colleague ready to assist.

Strategy & Concept Creation
Activation Strategy
3D Modelling
3D Animations & Stills
Product Film & Photography
Digital Launch event
Live streaming
Brochures & Sales deck
Social Posts

Creating engagement through screen & story

During challenging times with the pandemic going on, the digital reveal of S.A.R.A was not just about showcasing a product but resonating with the audience's emotions. With the product in place, Sakura decided to go ahead with the launch by using our streaming setup. A live showcase of the product that attracted different viewers over the world. We demonstrated S.A.R.A and ended the session with a live Q&A. 

This digital launch was successful enough that Sakura hosted their own sessions for customers to engage with the SmartConnect product. With microsites, social posts, and a range of digital materials, S.A.R.A became a familiar face, a symbol of automation with human touch.

Persons holding iPad and iPhone

Our imagination at work

Where many see automation as impersonal, Norvell Jefferson saw an opportunity to foster connection. By transforming a technical innovation into S.A.R.A, a relatable persona, we bridged the gap between cold tech and warm human touch, crafting a campaign that resonated beyond mere functionality.

Robot arm in the dark

“We absolutely love S.A.R.A. The fact it became a person, means that it was likeable and not a threat for staff. A partner in the laboratory that’s focused on empowering pathology professionals. And we simply love the way she moves.”

Sakura Finetek