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Philips OLED TV - product launch campaign


Crafting a Premium European Brand


Philips approached us with a clear goal: to devise a concept that not only positions Philips TV as a premier European brand but also highlights its prowess in design and picture quality engineering. Our task included emphasizing the distinct Ambilight feature, showcasing it as an exclusive and unparalleled viewing experience, unique to Philips TVs.

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Seamlessly Blending Lifestyle, Product, and Craftsmanship Photography


Philips TVs

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In response to Philips' objective, we crafted a strategic approach that hinged on the concept of European craftsmanship. Our focus was threefold: we highlighted the exceptional Dutch design that distinguishes Philips, underscored the expertise of European picture quality engineering, and showcased the unique Ambilight feature as a transformative component. By weaving these elements together, we positioned Philips TV as a preeminent European brand that offers unparalleled visual and experiential excellence.

European Craftsmanship: Elevating Philips TVs to Masterpiece Level.

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European excellence

In our ideation phase, we embraced the concept of European craftsmanship, drawing inspiration from the meticulous precision of German automotive engineering. This concept positioned Philips TVs as not just electronic devices, but premium works of art meticulously crafted by European ingenuity. Just as the automotive industry showcases the fusion of design, engineering, and precision, we aimed to highlight how Philips TVs are a testament to European excellence, delivering an unparalleled visual and entertainment experience.

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Unveiling uniqueness: a distinctive visual product launch

Undertaking the creative concept and production of Philips TV's lifestyle photography and marketing films, our output encompasses an impressive assortment of premium feature and series films, paired with stylish lifestyle photographs. Additionally, we contributed to the revamp of the category page, seamlessly incorporating our films, photography, and an interactive Ambilight demonstration tool.  Our creative efforts spotlight the innovative Philips OLED technology, which boasts unparalleled color accuracy, striking contrast, and deep blacks, delivering an immersive and lifelike visual encounter.

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Enchanting Audiences Worldwide

Initiating from the esteemed IFA Berlin, our purposefully crafted content made an enduring impression on the audience. Yet, this was just the beginning. Our campaign's influence stretched worldwide, spanning various regions and markets. The compelling content that resonated remarkably at IFA continued to captivate global audiences, fortifying Philips TV's status as an iconic European brand known for its remarkable quality. Additionally, we ensured that all content was expertly localized for global utilization, enhancing the resonance of our message across diverse cultures.

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Imagination at work

We focused on crafting a compelling brand narrative and captivating visuals to raise Philips TV's status as a premium European brand. This strategic move prevented it from being seen as a mere electronics commodity, establishing its distinct value in the market. We efficiently produced all campaign assets to ensure timely launch into the market.

Philips TV photography

"It's truly remarkable to witness such an exceptional level of quality achieved within a mere 16-week timeframe." 

- TP Vision