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Embark on a sensory expedition

Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate - experiential marketing

The House of Chocolate

If you want people to be engaging with you then you need to be engaging to them

Being a front runner in the Cocoa and Chocolate industry, Cargill decided to take a new direction to engage and maintain relationships with their customers. To go beyond traditional and conventional sales and encourage their customers to delve deep into the intricacies of chocolate. Because of our strong heritage and knowledge in providing marketing communication services, Cargill reached out to Norvell Jefferson to help them build the ultimate chocolate experience.

House of Chocolate
Creating the ambience and experience for customer to become fully immersed.

Inspire your audience to seek beyond their own knowledge

With the evolving dynamics of the current marketing world, we can see a clear need to go beyond if we want to create more engagement. Instead – it becomes more vital to submerge your audience in authentic and in-person brand experiences. To create lasting memories that strengthens your brand and build brand advocates.

Looking at most experience centres in Cargill’s field, we’ve seen companies positioning themselves as the thought leaders, building the credibility from that perspective to engage with their target groups. For Cargill, we decided to take a different route. We wanted our audience to understand that our experience is the gateway for them to become thought leaders. Making a more subtle and humble proposition that ensures a great value for customers.

Igniting the curiosity for chocolate connoisseurs.

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It’s time to Embark on the Chocolate Expedition

When it comes to experiential marketing, we’ve delivered proven concepts that help putting the customer at the center of the stage. Building narratives that turns visitors into participants. Boosting engagement and creating a more enjoying experience in the process.

When we looked at the first plans of the House of Chocolate, we were triggered by the nice mood and installations they had to offer. Different rooms and displays. High quality materials. It looked like something you would want to explore. It was the basis for our idea to turn a simple visit into an engaging expedition. Using gamification and storytelling to include the audience. To embark on tactile adventure – tasting, feeling, smelling, and deeply understanding the essence of chocolate while anticipating its future.

From beginning to end, we welcomed them as explorers in a journey to unlock all the knowledge chocolate has to offer.

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Crafting an Immersive Chocolate Experience

It became vital that all the installations needed to be filles with exploring and adventuring content. So, we started with an overarching theme, something we could use and leverage throughout the experience. And what’s Indiana Jones, without his Journal? Exactly! So, we’ve created a House of Chocolate journey, digitally and physically which was the basis to start each story. Exposing all our insights, providing a tool to capture the insights of your own.

It was an extraordinary intro that led to a multitude of different storytelling content. From moving screens to displays containing different shapes of chocolate. We had to form a complex world, into tangible and engaging stories. Interactive visual, carrying a consistent visual style. Stories that tickled the senses of our house of chocolate explorers. And we didn’t stop there. Because what is an experience, if you can’t get it to taste it yourself? That’s why the experience offers interactive tasting sessions and masterclasses, to truly emerge audience in our world of chocolate. In a timespan of less than half a year we created 20+ films, 10+ animations, 2 interactive installations and a full localisation in French. Talk about production power!

Co-creation was key to drive our success.

Art direction
Film production
Video content
Graphic content
Interactive screens

Amplifying the Chocolate Narrative

Leveraging digital channels, we brought the 'House of Chocolate' to the broader audience. On platforms like LinkedIn, we encapsulate the multisensory experience, beckoning potential explorers to the Chocolate Experience Centre and challenging them to innovate and disrupt the chocolate norm.

As social channels can only do so much in a traditional sales-driven market, we also empowered sales teams to carry out the story and show teasers and trailers to convince existing customers to sign-up and go on an exploration journey on their own.

When we got back after a year, we’ve learned that Cargill was already hitting their leads quota within the first quarter of going live. That’s what you get when you put high quality chocolate AND storytelling on the table.

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Imagination at work

At Cargill's House of Chocolate, we thought differently. Instead of telling our visitors what we know, we let them find out for themselves. We turned each guest into an explorer, making their visit a personal adventure into the world of chocolate.

With our creative touch, we didn't just offer information; we made it a journey of discovery. By the end, our visitors aren't just filled with facts; they're inspired, ready to lead the way in the chocolate world. Our imagination made this fresh approach possible, turning simple visits into memorable adventures.

House of Chocolate experience

“We were extremely happy that Norvell Jefferson joined the collaboration as a partner in this project. Transforming complex topics and content by creating an understandable story narrative and a strong compelling visual language is in the DNA of Norvell Jefferson.”

- Cargill