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Unboxing sustainable futures

DS Smith – activation campaign



Transform the future of packaging

Carrying out the circularity campaign

DS Smith approached us with a bold ambition: to transform the packaging landscape by minimizing the use of problematic plastics. Their initiative was aimed at pushing their clients towards adopting more sustainable, eco-friendly packaging solutions by showcasing the feasibility and benefits of their extensive portfolio of over 1,000 eco-friendly designs.


This endeavor was designed not just to meet, but to redefine industry standards, setting a new benchmark for sustainability in packaging.

DS Smith - Start the Cycle
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Blueprints for sustainable change

Our strategic initiative, 'Think around the box', was developed to engage DS Smith’s clients actively in embracing and advancing sustainable packaging solutions. By leveraging DS Smith's robust innovations in eco-friendly designs, we aimed to highlight the environmental, economic, and practical benefits of transitioning to a circular economy.

The ultimate goal was clear: to establish DS Smith as a pioneer in sustainable packaging, influencing the industry towards more environmentally responsible practices.

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Unboxing a greener future

Our creative concept, "Unboxing Reinvented," transformed the typical unboxing video into a powerful educational tool. Instead of merely showcasing products, our videos dissected the features and benefits of DS Smith's sustainable packaging. We reinvented the traditional unboxing experience to serve as a powerful platform for showcasing DS Smith's sustainable packaging solutions.

Our videos were designed to be informative and engaging, highlighting how each packaging solution not only meets but exceeds traditional packaging standards by incorporating sustainability at every step. By transforming how products are presented, we aimed to educate consumers and industry stakeholders about the benefits and necessity of sustainable packaging.

Visual of unboxing concept from agency presentation

Crafting a style and narrative that drives attention

In the creation phase, we focused on producing high-quality unboxing videos that did more than entertain—they educated. Each video was carefully scripted to highlight the environmental and economic benefits of DS Smith’s sustainable packaging solutions. By demonstrating these benefits through the familiar format of unboxing videos, we connected with the audience on a platform they understood, enhancing their learning experience and driving home the message of sustainability. 

This innovative twist on traditional content not only highlighted the features of the packaging but also illustrated DS Smith’s role as a leader in sustainable packaging solutions.

Strategy and concept
Copywriting and Art Direction
Film Production
Video Content
Social Media Campaigns

Amplifying the circular effect of DS Smith

Our activation strategy centered on a comprehensive digital campaign designed to maximize outreach and engagement. Utilizing social media, targeted advertising, and collaborative content initiatives, we aimed to promote DS Smith’s sustainable packaging solutions across various platforms and demographics.

The campaign was tailored to highlight the immediate benefits and long-term importance of adopting sustainable practices within the packaging industry.

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Our imagination at work

Throughout this project, our creative approach was driven by the imagination to rethink and reshape industry norms. By focusing on innovative storytelling and impactful content, we helped DS Smith not only communicate their commitment to sustainability but also engage and inspire others to join in this crucial movement.

hand holding box of DS Smith with think around the box text

"We all have great ideas, but we bring it into practice. Our designers have already created over 1000 designs for millions of products geared towards reducing the use of problem plastic."