Heineken Draught Systems

Redefining Draught Systems

Heineken - branding and positioning

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Help us drive better sales

Heineken reached out to Norvell Jefferson to upgrade the sales presentations for their draught systems in both the B2B and B2C markets. The scope encompasses all their products from the 2l Sub through the 8l Blade to the 4 x 20l DavidXL. A full range to cater to the needs of pouring a perfect beer at home.

Heineken Draught Systems

Time to get our priorities straight.

When starting the project, we noticed that there was a lot of clutter in the way the products were presented. There was no real cohesive story which led to lots of different presentations and individual approach to drive sales. It’s why we advised to start steering their sales with a clearer umbrella marketing proposition. Getting alignment in the way we communicate to get the best traction possible.

A strong brand deserves a strong story.

Heineken Draught Systems

Driving purpose-based stories

Our first step was to bridge their internal value proposition and transform that into a clear story that could be used throughout their marketing and sales initiatives. In a competitive market with similar products, we choose to keep the story close to their heritage and passion. From multiple meetings it became clear. They’re driven by draught.

We set the bar high - as this new marketing material should meet the world-class level one expects for Heineken and should be a perfect fit in this digital age.

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Radiate premiumness throughout everything we do

After having a clear view on the concept and story, it was time to shape it into clear assets to support sales. It started to create a visual library of products and mood images, to give face to their story. Being very oriented, the challenge was to keep it as intriguing as possible.

With the stories and visuals in hand, we transformed them into sales toolkits that Heineken could use across multiple channels. From desktops to tablets, they always have a high-end way to tell their premium story.

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Proposition Storytelling
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Our imagination at work

What seemed like a straightforward job, was elevated to bring more value, and meaning in their sales efforts. Making sure we set them up for success with high quality content.

Heineken Draught Systems

“Not only did we create a more cohesive story, we now actually are more excited about our ranges and the way we can present it.”

- Heineken