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Refresh an authentic cocoa brand

Gerkens Cocoa Powders - rebranding

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Gerkens' journey to redefine excellence

The ambition was clear: rejuvenate Gerkens' image to affirm its position as the top cocoa brand. This comprehensive revamp was envisioned to resonate with contemporary values, reflecting a deep commitment to sustainability, quality, and ethical responsibility, all while honoring Gerkens' storied heritage in cocoa expertise.

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A new delicious visualisations of Gerkens cocoa powder products

A Commitment to Goodness

Our strategic direction for Gerkens was deeply inspired by a commitment to 'goodness,' a concept that extended beyond product quality to encompass sustainable sourcing, ethical production, and community impact. This holistic approach aimed at transforming Gerkens into a brand that not only leads in quality but also exemplifies global excellence and sustainability. By emphasizing these core values, we sought to position Gerkens at the forefront of the industry, as a brand committed to positive change and the betterment of the global community.

Guided by the ethic of universal goodness, Gerkens redefines its path to lead with sustainability, quality, and community at its heart, setting new standards for the cocoa industry.

Gerkens cocoa powder with Goodness Guaranteed stamp

Reimagining the Gerkens' narrative

The ideation phase led to the development of a compelling new narrative for Gerkens, centered around its dedication to making a positive impact on the world. This narrative was designed to deeply resonate with audiences worldwide, showcasing Gerkens' commitment to not just being the best in the world, but the best for the world. Through this reimagined brand messaging, we aimed to highlight Gerkens' innovative approach to cocoa production, its relentless pursuit of sustainability, and its ethical practices that go beyond industry standards.

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Bringing the new Gerkens to life

We brought this vision to life with a vibrant visual identity and confident brand messaging, underlined by a suite of strategic deliverables: a refreshed website, engaging social media content, and innovative marketing campaigns, all designed to showcase Gerkens' new ethos and commitment to excellence.

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Unveiling the New Gerkens

For activating Gerkens' new identity, we planned a big strategy. This included talking about the new brand inside our company and outside to the world. We shared stories online, made special campaigns to show our work on being sustainable and making high-quality products, and started activities that bring people closer to our cocoa community. Our goal was to make everyone see and feel Gerkens' new direction, showing excellence and our big commitment to making good changes.

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Imagination around Gerkens’ needs

In making Gerkens new again, we started a big effort towards a future where everything we do is led by quality, taking care of our planet, and working together with communities. This story shows how much we care about doing things right now and for the future. With new ideas and a big heart for doing good, Gerkens is showing the way in the cocoa world.

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“Not only have they been able to articulate our brand promise, Norvell Jefferson has succeeded in substantiating the different ways in which Gerkens® guarantees goodness – all the way! Voicing our continuous consistency in a warm and human way.”

- Gerkens