FrieslandCampina - Creamers campaign visual

An explosive creamer campaign

FrieslandCampina - product launch campaign


Creamers 2.0

Crafting a distinctive brand

Friesland Campina had tasked us with creating the product branding and launch campaign for a new creamer they were introducing. The goal was to devise a strategy that set Friesland apart from the competition and established a distinctive brand presence in the market.

The challenge was to create distinct visuals that broke away from the typical industry norms.

Embracing the creamer's exceptional richness

Instead of merely summarizing the product's features, our strategic focus delved deeper into uncovering a more distinctive angle. We identified this unique perspective in the creamer's exceptional richness, which served as the cornerstone of our strategy. This approach aimed to differentiate the product by highlighting its exceptional quality and appeal, setting it apart from competitors in the market.

We aimed to prevent the product from becoming a mere commodity, recognizing that the only way to achieve this was by discovering our distinctive voice and identity in the market.

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Unveiling the creamer's sensory delight

During the ideation phase, we delved into the creamer's exceptional richness and turned this feature into a compelling story about its sensory impact. Our journey led us to a unique visual style, captured in a choreographic concept that vividly portrayed the sensory experience of enjoying the creamer. This innovative approach enabled us to communicate the creamer's distinct qualities not only through words but also through captivating visuals.

FrieslandCampina - Creamers campaign visual

Capturing the unseen: high-speed imagery in action

We embarked on an exhilarating two-day film and photo shoot, capturing a breathtaking range of visuals and crafting a product launch video that vividly portrayed the explosive nature of the campaign. One of our significant challenges was capturing the instantaneous explosion of creamy powder, a moment too swift for the naked eye to perceive. To achieve this, we employed high-speed cameras to visualize the extraordinary spectacle that unfolded in the blink of an eye. Additionally, we took charge of developing an extensive array of communication assets, including packaging, sample boxes, sales decks, website designs, and more.

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Standing out with visually unique content

Surprisingly, the campaign garnered significant online attention, thanks to its distinctive visual language, creating a buzz in the digital sphere.

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Our imagination at work

Our imagination played a crucial role in distinguishing our campaign from the competition. By thinking innovatively and going beyond the norm, we devised a strategy that set the product apart in a sea of sameness. Our focus on visually unique content and a captivating story enabled us to capture attention and make a significant impact. Through creative visuals and storytelling, we succeeded in making a difference, ensuring that Friesland's creamer launch stood out prominently in the market.

FrieslandCampina - Creamers campaign visual