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Bridging a visionary challenge

Johnson & Johnson Vision aspired to consolidate its profound vision of ‘elevating sight throughout a lifetime’ into a singular corporate website. This digital platform would seamlessly blend their vast array of brands, products, and eye-health knowledge, catering to diverse groups, from optometrists and ophthalmologists to everyday consumers.

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Get up close and in sight with a new brand narrative

A singular view on diverse needs

The central idea was to craft a platform emphasising a universally shared human experience: the act of seeing. Regardless of the intricate diversities among internal stakeholders or external audiences, their unique needs, or the depth of their exploration, there’s a connecting thread – everyone is united by the phenomenon of sight.

Through the myriad lenses, we all see as one.

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Human-centered innovation: The J&J vision story

Designing and developing a website that narrates the compelling Johnson & Johnson Vision story, we held one undeniable truth at the core. We sought to create a space enriched with content that bridges the diverse facets of the Johnson & Johnson business into a cohesive narrative, putting human-centric innovation at the forefront.

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Crafting a human-centric platform

The outcome was a website resonating emotionally, merging the multifaceted Johnson & Johnson business in a harmonious tale of human-centric innovation. This became a resourceful hub for professionals and consumers to engage with content that speaks to their unique needs yet underlines a shared human experience.

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Amplifying vision globally

Our strategy extended beyond mere creation. By partnering with renowned photographer and author, Kate T. Parker, we ignited a global effort with #VisionMadePossible. This campaign aimed to magnify the essence of eye health, depicting powerful, human, and genuine stories of patients and their individual eye health journeys.

JnJ Vision - Feature stories

Our imagination at work

We wove together stories not just to share information, but to strike an emotional chord. Our storytelling took a genuine turn, leading to a film that touches hearts by highlighting the preciousness of sight and the need to aid those with visual impairments. Our goal is to underscore the critical value of vision and our shared responsibility in safeguarding it.

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“Team Norvell Jefferson not only took our vision and masterfully transformed it into a compelling narrative but also demonstrated strategic prowess from inception to execution. Their unique strength lies in ideation and seeing it through to the end, a rare combination in today's landscape.”

- Johnson & Johnson Vision