Creating a world
of change

Nutreco Trouw Nutrition - awareness campaign


Small switches.
Big change.

Working towards a more responsible use of antibiotics.

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is one of the biggest global public health issues of our time, and it’s becoming more urgent every day.

Trouw Nutrition created a program to make the switch to responsible use of antibiotics easy and manageable.

Trouw Nutrition - Modern farm

Don’t tell why change is needed but show how!

There is a growing awareness within the industry about the urgency of reducing antibiotic use, but it’s hard to know where to begin. A clear need exists for guidance and manageable solutions. 

Turning a monumental challenge into something achievable.

Nutreco case

Switch to a sustainable future

Real change doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a combination of many small improvements that add up and make a world of difference. 

By stepping back and looking at challenges from a different perspective, we inspire the audience to see all the small solutions that can be ‘switched’ on to achieve a more sustainable future. 


Creating global impact

Global challenges impact us all. To reach a global audience, we created a variety of key visuals representing all industry stakeholders. The concept got translated into multiple assets and distributed across several markets.

Messaging framework
Photoshoot and key visuals
Sales deck
Landings page
Marketing collateral
Sales support

Let’s reduce the use of antibiotics together.

An integrated marketing communication toolkit, including campaign assets, marketing collateral, and sales support, was created to ensure a smooth rollout for each local team. 

Nutreco - activation

Imagination at work

By putting strong storytelling at the heart of our communication strategy, we empower the industry to consistently move toward the ambitious goal of reducing antibiotics. It’s through these small switches that big change is possible. 

Nutreco - closure

“We were extremely happy that Norvell Jefferson joined the collaboration as a partner in this project. Transforming complex topics and content by creating an understandable story narrative and a strong compelling visual language is in the DNA of Norvell Jefferson.”

-  Nutreco - Trouw Nutrition