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Aesthetic beauty meets versatile design

Philips LED Signage- product launch campaign

immersion redefined

Distinguish the product in a competitive market

Philips has always been at the forefront of display manufacturing, standing out in a competitive landscape thanks to their dedication to quality and performance. They sought to emphasize the unique modularity of their products, aiming to bring a fresh perspective to their marketing approach.


Philips aimed to rejuvenate their B2B marketing by highlighting product modularity.

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Illuminating Infinite Potential: Philips LED Innovation at Work

Transforming LED Signage Marketing

We perceived the LED signage market as saturated with uniformity, with numerous displays featuring generic content. We encouraged Philips to break away from convention and develop a unique marketing strategy that would capture the attention of potential customers. Our guiding idea was rooted in their modular approach, which served as the foundation for our concept.

The flexibility to turn any wall into a piece of art.

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Unleash your imagination with Philips LED solutions

We challenged Philips to break free from conventional display limitations, showcasing how their LED solutions enable the creation of innovative videowalls and installations previously unimagined. Our concept centered on inspiring customers to unleash their imagination, highlighting the limitless possibilities with Philips LED solutions.  We devised a unique art direction to vividly portray the boundless potential of the product.

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Crafting the truly unique

Expanding on the creative narrative and central visual concept of LED video walls as a canvas for limitless imagination, we created a captivating advertisement featuring a dynamic black box made of LED displays, continually morphing to illustrate boundless possibilities. Additionally, we converted their standard product sheets into persuasive sales decks, empowering the sales team with impactful tools for delivering compelling presentations. Furthermore, we overhauled their landing page to ensure consistent storytelling across all communication channels

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Innovative activation ideas for Philips LED Solutions

As a part of the project, we aimed to ignite Philips' creativity with innovative activation ideas to garner attention and make a mark. Our suggestions included an interactive tool for users to craft their artwork and utilizing animated GIFs to breathe life into static image walls. Additionally, we proposed incorporating social media stories into the campaign launch to engage the audience and create a buzz around Philips' innovative LED solutions.

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Our imagination at work

With Philips LED Solutions, we showcased the power of finding a unique voice and crafting a compelling story, perfectly complemented by a visually distinctive approach. This blend consistently sets Philips apart from the competition, allowing them to break new ground and capture the imagination of their audience. For us, it is always a true delight to collaborate with clients who appreciate this approach and grant us the creative freedom to explore uncharted territories. By choosing the less-traveled path, we created a unique narrative that ensured success.    

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We were delighted that we embraced the less conventional path. Opting for the cube of imagination allowed us to craft a distinctive narrative, sparking our customers' imaginations for envisioning innovative LED creations. This approach initiated engaging conversations and transformed marketing into valuable sales leads. With robust sales tools in hand, our sales team could effectively convert these leads into happy customers.

- Philips