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Rebranding of Sakura's services

Sakura Finetek - branding a business category

A bridge between people and product

Services as key for optimisation

Automatisation in histopathology is quite the investment, and although the fruits of it are clear – it should be guaranteed that your investment will provide good results. It’s why Sakura developed a service implementation program to ensure optimal results. Only how do you convince customers this is a service they need to have?

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Providing a new perspective to drive optimal results in collaboration

Empowering Partnerships & Outcomes

For Sakura, the goal isn't just to deliver instruments. It's about fostering strong partnerships, ensuring customer expectations are met, and justifying their investment. The endgame is clear: satisfied customers, efficient use of resources, and a well-prepared, enthusiastic team.

Empowerment beyond implementation.

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Bringing humans and innovation closer together

Instruments are crucial, but the humans operating them? Even more so. Sakura Bridge recognises the anxiety teams might feel with new innovations and seeks to align management with staff for smooth transitions. The aim? A harmonious blend of cutting-edge technology with well-trained professionals.

That's why we started with a versatile brand name that goes beyond the cold 'implementation services'. We needed to give people a feeling of going somewhere. That they could partner up and make a connection. After careful consideration and multiple proposals, "Sakura Bridge" was born. An easy and recognisable name that radiates the value proposition of bringing all factors together for optimal results.

Sakura Bridge - Logo creation

The identity that builds on a proven succes story

Sakura's essence is about empowerment. For Sakura Bridge, this means we need to emphasise the harmony between instruments and humans. Taking the brand story of Sakura Bridge as a starting point, we created a fresh identity that they could use within the umbrella Sakura brand. The starting point of creating assets they can use to convince their customers of the power of Bridge.

Brand identity
Sales deck
Key visuals

A bridge from innovation to activation

Through various channels, the Sakura Bridge story was narrated, spotlighting Sakura's emphasis on human-centric thinking.

An animation was created that not only showcases Sakura's human-centric approach but also its commitment to pushing boundaries, emphasizing the blend of tech and human expertise.

The interactive sales deck became a powerful tool for the salesforce, highlighting Sakura's vision of a harmonized world of tech and talent.

Sakura Bridge - Activation

Our imagination at work

In a world teeming with technology providers, Norvell Jefferson reimagined Sakura Bridge. We didn't just merge technology with human expertise; we breathed life into a narrative where technology serves passion and purpose. Through our lens, Sakura didn't just offer tools but a transformative journey, championing a human-centric evolution.

Sakura Bridge - Keyvisual

“We are happy as an agency to be able to take this leap with Sakura into the domain of human centered thinking.”

- Norvell Jefferson