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Empowering IBD Patients Online

Takeda approached us to create a patient-centric website focusing on Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD), recognizing its profound impact on patients' physical and mental well-being. Our challenge was to develop a digital platform that educates, supports, and addresses the social stigmas surrounding IBD, ultimately contributing to the patient journey. How could we effectively spotlight IBD and the lives it affects while fostering understanding and empathy in the community?

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Redefining the concept of a disease website for IBD patients.

The human journey

through IBD

It became clear that when searching for information about IBD on the internet, there was a strong functional focus on the disease, with a lack of emphasis on patient empowerment. The online landscape was filled with an extensive 'Google forest' of resources explaining the disease and its symptoms. However, it was evident that there was a need to explore the human side of living with such a condition, including its impact on patients and their families. The challenge was to transform this functional approach into a more emotional one, fostering stronger bonds among those affected by IBD while also highlighting the positive aspects of their journey.

Transforming functional into emotional.

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Shifting from symptoms to stories: IBD unveiled

The unique campaign's distinctive hook was rooted in placing the lives of IBD patients at the forefront. Instead of centering solely on the disease, we shifted the focus to the everyday experiences of these patients. We offered practical tips, clever tricks, and inspirational stories that empowered people to connect with IBD in a more positive light. Our goal was to infuse the narrative with a sense of upliftment, happiness, and personal connection. We even explored the possibility of introducing patient-influencers who could reveal the multifaceted aspects of living with IBD, demonstrating that there was so much more to these patients beyond their condition.

Takeda IBD - Visual treatment

Takeda's Authentic Storytelling and Fresh Branding

We transformed the project through authentic storytelling, both written and video, helping Takeda craft a more personal and relatable narrative. To foster a stronger connection with their younger target audience, we developed a fresh new brand identity and designed a patient portal where these stories, in both written and video formats, are shared, creating a platform for lives to connect and find inspiration.

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Where stories connect

The patient portal saw its launch alongside an engaging social media campaign. To kickstart this exciting initiative, we released a captivating brand launch video, complemented by genuine and heartwarming patient stories. This combined effort aimed to engage and inspire our audience, creating a vibrant and supportive community within the IBD community.

Takeda IBD - Instagram story

Our imagination at work

We're delighted to have departed from the traditional patient portal model, creating something truly unique that resonates with a younger audience. It's a testament to the magic that unfolds when clients embrace authenticity and the power of storytelling.

Takeda IBD - Portrait

“It was refreshing to see that Norvell Jefferson was able to show us the way off the beaten path. To come up with ideas that inspires and help pushing the creative quality of our campaign”

- Takeda