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Unfolding a journey of courage

Aphea.Bio - branding

The underground

Crafting a Unique Sound & Sight for Aphea.Bio

We were approached by Aphea Bio with a clear request: to create a value proposition that would not only draw more attention but also set them apart in their industry. The core of the challenge was to highlight their advanced technology and innovations, while cultivating a distinct voice and visual signature for them in the sector.

Aphea Bio - Plant research

Seeds of Change

In our 'True North' workshop, we tapped into Aphea Bio's unique vision: reshaping the age-old agriculture industry. What had stood out was the Aphea Bio team's 'courage'. They weren't just changing things; they had challenged old norms. This was a team fueled by passion, having chosen a different route, harnessing the power of science to not only produce healthier food but to also pave the way for a more sustainable future in agriculture. From these insights, we crafted a manifesto capturing their dedication to agricultural innovation.

"Bravery isn't just challenging the old; it's planting the seeds for a new tomorrow."

Aphea Bio - True North

Challenging the conventional.


the norm.

Guided by the purpose-driven manifesto we crafted for Aphea Bio, we laid the groundwork for a distinctive visual concept in the ideation phase. Our aspiration was to develop a narrative and visual style that differentiated Aphea Bio from its industry peers, capturing their transformative approach to agriculture. With their commitment to healthier food, enriched soil, and sustainable profits, Aphea Bio stood as a beacon of both might and bravery. Our challenge then was to encapsulate this ethos visually. By claiming 'revolution' and visualizing the act of challenging the status quo, we aimed to encapsulate their pioneering spirit.

Driving the revolution in biological.

Aphea Bio - Key visual

From Vision to Visual: Aphea's Rapid Rebrand

Facing a pressing deadline, during the creation phase our design team swiftly grasped Aphea.Bio's narrative. We refreshed their logo, introduced new colors, and curated new brand photography to further convey their captivating story. We revamped their website, crafted a video underscoring their distinctive mission, and assembled a compelling pitch deck for their fundraising efforts.

Brand story
Logo design
Brand design
Website design
Corporate video
Investor pitch deck

Our imagination at work

In just 6 weeks, our imagineers took Aphea.Bio from strategy to execution, ensuring they had the best narrative in place to pitch to a new round of investors. Aphea Bio's new brand story is all about change and pushing boundaries. It's a call to action for a better future in farming: one that's green, trustworthy, and profitable. Working with a team so passionate about making a difference in farming has been truly rewarding.

Aphea Bio - Visual

“Following the rebranding, Aphea.Bio successfully secured a €70 million Series C Funding, propelling the company's commercialization endeavors forward at an accelerated pace.”

- Aphea.Bio