Your team of imagineers

To excel in imagination, you need specialists that are not afraid to break conventional boundaries. We believe that short lines, an agile mindset and a co-creative spirit are vital for better results.

To give you an idea on what our team of imagineers can bring you.

Imagineers can look beyond skill
We're proud to see our team excel in more than one role. We enable them to express their specialisms and encourage them to take on hybrid roles if necessary.

Imagineers are curious beyond conventions
It's vital that we need our clients’ understanding and expertise of the business to steer our imagineers in the right direction.  However, as outsiders we love to take on an unbiased perspective and challenge the status quo to inspire with new viewpoints, insights and approaches.

Imagineers thrive in co-creation
At the core of our co-creation always lies imagination as the gateway to jointly explore uncharted territories to make sure we create visually unique stories that elevate your brand or product.

Our way of working
We use a hybrid approach combining strategy, creativity, account and project management to push ourselves beyond box-thinking.

Our client service director safeguards our service levels, while you’ll have access to your dedicated creative & account team that provides agile, personalised service while ensuring quality.

In need of more power?
We've organised ourselves with a strong group of external specialists that meet our 'imagineer-standards'. When the need arises we're able to flexibly scale our service offering while safeguarding quality and direction.

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Meet our


Merel Roelofs
Client Services Director
Frank de Weijer
Senior Creative
Maddalena Prini
Senior Creative
Marije van Doormaal
Client Services Director
Martijn Veldhuijzen van Zanten
Business director
Shanta Niezing
Account & project manager
Piet Dijkstra
Janine Willems
Senior Creative
Alix Bausch
Account & project manager
Yvette Portengen
Account & project manager
Quirijn de Widt
Managing Partner

Our imagineers
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